On Trend: A Pop of Color in the Kitchen

Add Character with Color 

All-white kitchens haven’t gone anywhere [yet], but designers are opening up more possibilities for cabinet colors than ever before. Take into account the amount of natural light that comes into your kitchen before choosing a color you’re comfortable with. Adding color to your kitchen cabinetry will add personality and a new energized feeling to your home – without breaking the bank. Revitalize the space with on-trend colors like navy blue, emerald green and light pink. Fall in love with your kitchen again!

Keeping it Real Estate: At Home with Katie Reynolds

Katie Reynold’s entrepreneurial spirit and previous design career quickly catapulted her into becoming one of Beacham’s top producers. Her global perspective, professionalism and customer service expertise allows for an unparalleled client experience.

Growing up in Little Rock, Arkansas with a dad who worked as a residential developer, Katie became immersed in the industry at a young age, quickly falling in love with architecture. Going on to The University of Arkansas, she obtained a degree in interior design and moved to Texas where she launched her hospitality design career. Spending her earlier years traveling the world working with high-end names like The Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, Marriott, Hilton and additional boutique brands; overtime nurturing her love of design even further. Once she decided to settle down she opened her own residential design firm which led to a collaboration with a major national retailer and paint company as a color and design expert. Throughout the partnership she appeared on several national home and design shows including HGTV, TLC and even the Food Network.  Katie’s career path was organic; nothing she had ever planned for, but everything fell perfectly into place.

Six years ago Katie moved from Dallas to Atlanta and wanted a change of pace from strictly designing. With a deep appreciation for real estate and her long history of buying and renovating, she knew this career was the next chapter in her story. Katie prides herself in being able to connect with her clients on both a personal and professional level. Knowing firsthand the struggles of moving to a new city, Katie can easily put herself in her clients shoes. She understands the importance in choosing the right neighborhood, school and lifestyle from her personal experiences.

Real estate is your second career, can you tell us a little about your first?

“I practiced interior design for over 15 years and have always had an appreciation for beautiful houses.  In my first career I was creating these beautiful spaces and now I get to appreciate them from the perspective of selling real estate.  I love helping people complete and create their ‘vision’ for what they want for their home and understand value.  I specialize in helping my clients envision things that they didn’t think were possible and open their minds to possibilities of renovations.  My previous career was all about excellence in serving my clients with passion and a clear vision, and I have carried this over into my career in real estate.”

Why do you broker with Beacham?

“Beacham sets the tone for my personal brand. The quality of service, level of marketing and their distinctive ‘look’ all fall in line with exactly who I am as a person and agent; both in my previous career and now. When I introduce myself to clients I lead with Beacham because it’s such a well respected name in Atlanta real estate.  The Beacham brand is all about luxury as a level of service and leading with integrity- if you start there, you can’t go wrong.  At Beacham I am shoulder to shoulder with a network of the best agents who both inspire and support me.  From day one walking in the doors as a new agent, everyone at Beacham has been so welcoming and supportive.”

As an expert in the Chastain Park area, what advice do you give potential clients?

“Working with someone who is extremely knowledgeable about the specific area you are seeking is critical in today’s fast pace market where many transactions happen before hitting the market.  For buyers, working with someone who understands and is connected with other agents in this area is critical to making a smart investment and finding the perfect home for you.  Also for sellers, it is critical to price your home right and position it correctly in the market with the necessary premarket prep and guidance, and working with someone who intimately knows the Chastain Park area will help guide you in making these important decisions.”

When you’re trying to sell a client on why Chastain Park is the best, what do you tell them?

“Chastain is so desirable for many reasons- the market is HOT at all price points from a fixer upper ranch to a multi million dollar new construction estate.  It is convenient to downtown, Midtown, Buckhead, the Perimeter, etc- the central location is unparalleled and the amenities are unmatched!  You can be at a hot restaurant in Buckhead in 5 minutes, or you can be amongst the quiet treed winding neighborhood streets and forget you are in the city (evident by abundant local wildlife like deer, foxes, and the occasional free range chicken).   Concerts in your backyard at the amphitheater are a unique draw every summer, and both public and private schools in the area are top notch.  It was love at first sight when I moved to Chastain several years ago- I’ll never forget driving through on a Saturday morning in the fall with NYO baseball games going on, golfers on the course, and tennis matches being played- the neighborhood just had such a great energy and I knew it was home for me.”

Do you think your past experience has helped carve a niche in the real estate industry?

” My design experience and growing up with my family in residential development has equipped me substantially for a career in real estate.  My previous design career allowed for a lot of work with builders on building from the ground up as well as renovating, so I’ve definitely carved a niche there. I’ve found that people come to me specifically for those needs and I feel extremely passionate and confident about helping guide them in these type of transactions.”

For you, what are the most meaningful elements that can transform a space?

“First and foremost paint; definitely changing colors is the easiest way. Opening up space allowing an increase of natural light, taking off heavy window treatments and shutters.  Simplifying is also impactful, less is often more. Finding things you love, pairing them down and arranging them in specific ways can help lighten and brighten any home.”

What is one thing you’ve experienced that has changed your perspective on life?

“Being a mom for sure. The level of multi-tasking with three young kids really puts your priorities in order and is a daily gut check into what is important. You’re putting everything and everyone else first at home and in your career, and you have to remember to take care of yourself.  Also I know what it’s like to feel completely settled, have your rhythm down and then have to pack up and relocate to a new state halfway across the country with three kids in tow!  I can relate to a lot of my clients because I was once in their shoes having moved frequently and having built several homes on our own.  I’m a better mom, friend, and Realtor for the perspective I have on family and what it means to create “home”.

Home wouldn’t be home without….

“Following up on my previous answer it would definitely be family. We’ve never lived near extended family so my little family unit is super tight and it has been an unexpected blessing.  Home is wherever we are.”

How would you describe your personal design aesthetic?

I like livable luxury.  As a designer I was all about creating a high/low balance- anyone can spend a ton of money and create beauty, but I get such a thrill mixing something high end with a bargain find.  My home is comfortable and puts my family and guests at ease- nothing too formal.  I love a layered palette of neutrals and textures with pops of color, and I am obsessed with wallpaper. I’ll add a quirky element here and there to keep things light and fun.”

What is your favorite dinner spot in Atlanta?

“I lived in Texas for 13 years so hands down I love Superica!  They have something called Bob Armstrong dip that is to die for. It has everything you’d ever want in a queso and it’s heavenly.  That and a margarita make me feel like I’m feel back in Texas.

Something people probably don’t know about you?

“I am an endless encyclopedia of song lyrics.  I think there is a whole subconscious section of my brain that can recall every word to 1000s of songs from the 70’s and 80’s to 90’s rap, country, pop, you name it.  I’m fun at parties because I can put together a fabulous playlist!”


If you’re interested in working with Katie, visit her agent page here.

Horseradish Grill to Close After 26 Years

Horseradish Grill has announced it will close their doors February 15th after being sold to Buckhead Institution and former Atlas chef, Christopher Grossman, along with general manager Geno Dew. New plans state the highly acclaimed restaurant duo will open an all-day establishment dubbed ‘The Chastain’ later this summer.

The restaurant originally began as a country store along Powers Ferry Road, when the now busy road was just a dirt trail. Future plans, according to Grossman, will incorporate ingredients sourced directly from the garden into the dishes, being described as “new American”. In addition to dinner, the restaurant will offer breakfast sandwiches and coffee, weekday lunch and weekend brunch.

Siegel Construction & Design have been chosen to lead the renovation; plans call for removing an interior wall, creating a U-shaped bar, adding cafe tables and a separate space for wine dinners and private events. Both the design firm along with Grossman and Dew are humbled to be apart of this iconic Atlanta restaurant reinvention.

No official date has been set for the grand opening, so we will all have to patiently wait for the breakfast sandwiches.

Repeat Realty with Jan Hart

Our very own Jan Hart has recently hit a huge milestone in her career. She has sold the same two homes, twice! Both 4070 Paces Ferry Road and 3118 West Addison have been listed and sold by her.

We all know that real estate is a business in which you must work hard to build trustworthy relationships with buyers and sellers. Jan Hart is consistent in her service to each of her clients, and she continues to strive for absolute excellence in every transaction.

For those who don’t know, Jan Hart is a Druid-Hills native and has been a top producer since the beginning of her career when she achieved lifetime member status in the Atlanta Board of Realtors Million Dollar club in just one year. She is one of the six original Beacham and Company REALTORS agents and she specializes in the illustrious neighborhoods of Chastain Park, Buckhead, Sandy Springs and Brookhaven. Jan is also a licensed Florida realtor and offers buying and selling expertise on Amelia Island, her home away from home for 15 years. It is Jan’s commitment to excellence and putting her clients needs first that has allowed her business to grow into what it is today. Photos of the two magical homes are below, and congratulations to Jan Hart for this amazing accomplishment!

4070 Paces Ferry Road NW, Atlanta GA 30327

Security is the key word when it comes to this gated estate. This home is located in the highly desirable Paces neighborhood and was completely renovated to feature a Pebble-tec heated pool, Carrera marble kitchen, elegant lighting and chandeliers throughout and master suite with heated marble flooring among many other comfort and energy efficient upgrades.

3118 West Addison

This private 6BD/7.5 BA home tucked away in a quiet Alpharetta neighborhood is nothing short of luxurious. Its most notable features include a grand two-story foyer, parlor with Oxeye windows, state-of-the-art outdoor covered kitchen, lofty home theater, gym, massage room and wine cellar.

Has the Market Peaked? Trends Shaping 2020

As 2019 winds down and we begin to peek at 2020, it is worth noting that the U.S. housing market has fully recovered from the 2008-09 financial crisis. Home prices now exceed the pre-collapse valuations in most areas, and we are amid the longest bull market in the history of the United States. The cyclical nature of markets is immutable, and another recession will undoubtedly arise again. Could it be in 2020? It is impossible to say, and economic forecasting is one of probability and chance, not one of fact and certainty, which means that even the surest indicators of the market do not always see their predictions realized. Now, with the uncertainty of any prediction in mind, let us review some of the current market conditions and indications and then reflect on the bearing of what they could, not will, mean in 2020.

Baby boomers own two out of every five homes in the United States, and the generation has been entering retirement at a historically unprecedented rate, which will continue to increase in 2020. This creates the looming threat of a possible suburban housing selloff due to downsizing or the inevitable: health issues and death, which would force the sale of their properties. Fortunately, many retirees are choosing to age-in-place and stay within their suburban homes into retirement due to factors such as access to internet, food-delivery systems, breakthroughs in health and safety technologies, lack of feasible alternative retirement options, and more. Ideally, this tendency to age-in-place will work to counteract – or at least mitigate – any short-term housing selloff. Long-term, suburban housing valuations may be slightly worrisome, but with our outlook being only 1 year, it is unlikely come 2020 that any relevant changes will be caused by this factor, and we can be cautiously optimistic in this regard.

Atlanta currently has a constrained home supply; very low unemployment, a steady economic growth rate, and a diminishing, yet still persistent, level of demand in it’s market which creates a short-term 2020 vision of increasing prices over this next year. All of these conditions are contingent and overshadowed by larger macro concerns about the Feds tampering with interest rates (mortgage rates as well) and trade uncertainties. With these macroeconomic concerns out of mind, however, the consensus is that the house values in Atlanta could rise more slowly, but still continue to rise, over 2020. Outside of home-ownership, demand for rentals has been booming for years – with over 300,000 renters in the city proper alone – and vacancy rates are expected to stay low throughout 2020 and beyond, meaning consistently high demand. Even in the event of a broader economic crash, the real estate market as a whole has been shown by economists such as Robert Shiller to have a delayed effect to recessions, so any broader economic recession that occurred today would likely not be mirrored within real estate prices for 6-12 months time.

Atlanta could actually benefit from the anticipated economic cool-down in 2020. In many cities throughout the nation the drastic price appreciation that occurred from 2016-18  lead to affordability issues for many home buyers in the area. Atlanta has largely avoided this but if prices continued to appreciate in 2020 as much as they have in recent years Atlanta could be in for some real affordability problems. An economic cool-down that would reduce the appreciation of homes down to around 2-3% would be good in this respect and prevent any further price outs and irrational exuberance from taking place. In addition, a cool-down will likely shift leverage toward home-buyers, and away from sellers, for the first time in years. If you are looking to buy a home, 2020 may be the time to do so as negotiations should be more favorable than in recent years.

In sum, the Atlanta real estate market is showing overall positive signals into this next year, with no factors presenting as out of the ordinary. Admittedly, ordinary is relative, but few current factors appear to likely inhibit further growth in the market. There are always the questions surrounding nationwide economic policy and trade, but the effects of these subjects affect the nation’s economy as a whole, and not Atlanta’s comparative position within it. So, it can be cautiously said that growth should, albeit at a slower pace than recent years, continue to occur in home and rental prices. Look for a mundane year within Atlanta economy compared to previous conditions, as price-appreciation likely won’t skyrocket nor falter, but remain constant and steady. Appreciate the cool-off for what it is, a hiatus from the volatility of modern day markets.


Written by: Max Wittling

Keeping it Real Estate: At Home with Jennifer Henley

Before moving to Atlanta 22 years ago, Jennifer was enjoying the sand and surf in Pensacola, the beach town she calls home. Formerly, Jennifer was an environmental scientist working at a laboratory testing soil and water samples for gasoline for Law Engineering, Inc., which is a much different job than she has now.  After moving to Atlanta to be closer to her husband’s mom, she decided the lab life wasn’t for her.

In the years leading up to her individual agent status, Jennifer worked as a paralegal for Campbell & Brannon LLC, a real estate closing firm based out of Atlanta. This experience was a great training ground for learning the ins and outs of reviewing contracts, quarterbacking lenders and dealing with both buyers and sellers. Her decision to transition into real estate was inevitable and she soon began putting herself through night school while working full-time. When the opportunity arose to work with Glennis Beacham, she jumped at the chance. Fast forward twelve years, a new Beacham office location and $500 Million in sales later, Jennifer decided to go out on her own. The unparalleled experience of working with Glennis and her esteemed clients allowed her to become an expert before even starting her individual career, something not many agents can say.

Currently residing in Fernleaf with her husband and twin children who attend Atlanta Public Schools, she has always been heavily involved in school functions and sporting events around Atlanta, giving her the knowledge families need in order to make the best home buying decisions. Jennifer is an established real estate expert who is continuously working to build her business through honesty and experience in an ever-evolving industry that never sleeps.

Why do you choose to Broker with Beacham?

“I was fortunate enough to work with Glennis before she started Beacham and her vision was to deliver 5-star service, unparalleled photography, cutting edge marketing and support agents in growing their business. Once Glennis established Beacham and delivered, our competition began to emulate us!”

What makes you stand out from other agents?

“Real estate is a full time job for me and I pride myself on being available to my clients.  I have always had a strong work ethic and it’s a bonus that I love my job! I also don’t take the “one size fits all” approach.  Each situation is different…so my approach is different for each client and situation. I have to listen to my clients first to determine their goal.  Then I can come up with a plan to achieve it.  I want my relationships to endure with my clients so I’m invested from the beginning. ”

How did you get into real estate?

“I was an Environmental Science major in college and worked in a laboratory for Law Engineering based in Atlanta.  I worked in Volatiles and tested soil and water samples for gasoline constituents and my highest profile project was Atlantic Steel which is now Atlantic Station.  Working in a laboratory was too isolated so I decided to make a change.  I began working for a residential law firm which was a great pre-cursor to selling real estate.   I had to review contracts and coordinate between buyers, sellers, lenders, agents and closing attorney in a time sensitive environment.  I then got my real estate license at night and began working with Glennis Beacham.”


What piece of advice would you give to a new agent?

“Seek continuing education, hold houses open for other agents and possibly work as an assistant for a bit to learn the business in real time.”

What traits do you contribute to your success?

“My work ethic, dedication and integrity!  I embrace the 24/7 pace of real estate.  Success also means that I run an honest business.  I tell my clients the truth so it’s not about units or total sales for me. Being honest means I can help clients reach their goals but also manage their expectations.”

What neighborhood do you call home?

“I recently moved to Fernleaf  on the Westside of Buckhead but lived around the corner in Ridgewood Heights for 18 years.”

Who is your hero?

“My mother…she lost her mother to cancer when she was young…had me at 20 years old and my sister at 23.  She had tragic years as a teen and never really had a chance to be on her own as a young woman before starting a family.  She also has endured a lot of physical injury but still has a zest for life and energy unlike anyone else I know.”

What is one thing people probably don’t know about you?

“I attempted to write a childrens book series a few years after I had my twins.  There aren’t many books on twins available…I had the concept but never took it any further.”

Favorite home design trend at the moment?

“I love a Coastal influence. I grew up in a beach town on the Gulf of Mexico so I am always partial to blues, greens and whites.”

Atlanta lunch spots you love?

“Yeah Burger, Houstons, Steamhouse are my go-to’s”

If you weren’t in real estate, what would your dream job be?

“Working around water…maybe as a scuba guide. I’ve been in the tank at the Georgia Aquarium and it was amazing!”

Average weekend for you like?

“Soccer, cheerleading, walking our dog, family games…my kids are 13 years old so I’m really trying to take it all in before they leave the nest in a few years!”

Do you have a personal mantra?

“I love the quote “A day without laughter is a day wasted” by Charlie Chaplin…and I try to live it.”



If you’re interested in working with Jennifer, visit her agent page here.


The Beacham Art Series Draws Thousands on Opening Weekend

Atlanta, Georgia – Nationally renowned as one of the most prestigious real estate firms in the country, Beacham & Company continued to expand boundaries with the addition of The Beacham Art Series this past Fall. Curated by an internationally acclaimed artist, photographer, and Beacham & Company’s Senior Marketing Director, Blayne Beacham Macauley, The Beacham Art Series showcased original works of over 55 artists, with pieces displayed for sale at Beacham & Company headquarters in Buckhead. All proceeds from the exhibit were donated to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. This exhibit was composed of paintings, works on paper and photography of various sizes.

Long regarded as one of the most philanthropic companies in Georgia, Beacham & Company has excelled in charitable contributions to the city’s non-profit and civic organizations. “Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta has played a crucial role in our immediate family when my son and business partner, Ben, relied on the hospital for his son’s care. Additionally, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta has been important to the families of our agents and clients so this is a deeply meaningful and exciting way for us to announce the inaugural Beacham Art Series,” says founder Glennis Beacham. 

“This is a way to connect art and homes with philanthropy, and to do it in a way that’s positive, engaging, and uplifting for the community,” says Macauley. The arts have an uncanny ability to bring people together; it’s a universal language of such. This show was proof of that.

‘Tis the Season for Apps & Cocktails!

Everyone loves a good holiday appetizer and cocktail! If you want to rule your next party, check out our list of pre-dinner bites, cocktails and sweet treats. Click on the photo to reveal the recipe!


Baked Bri & Prosciutto Rolls


Pull Apart Christmas Tree Bread



Rosemary Turkey Meatballs


Cranberry Chutney & Brie Crostini


Cheesy Beer Dip


Snowflake Macarons


Chocolate Covered Pretzels


White Chocolate Peppermint Bark Cookies


Christmas Mojito


Maple Pecan Pie Latte




Campfire Cocktail

The North Pole Cocktail


Salted Caramel Drink

ATL’s Holiday Must-Do List!

Mark your calendars, because this holiday season in Atlanta is brimming with festivities! Beacham & Company has narrowed it down so you don’t miss a beat. Whether you Skate the Sky and admire Atlanta from the magical rooftop at Ponce City Market, or sip on cocktails that might as well be from the North Pole at the 3 pop-up Christmas bars, Atlanta has it all!

Skate the Sky | Ponce City Market

Perched atop the tallest brick building in the South, The Roof at Ponce City Market is transforming into a winter dreamland, featuring over-the-top décor perfect for Instagrammable moments, seasonal treats, hot cocktails, cozy private igloos, and our 3,500-square foot ice skating rink.

Atlanta Christkindl Market | Centennial Olympic Park

Find great holiday gifts from a huge variety of traditional German, Austrian and Swiss products and craftsmanship!

Christmas Pop-Up Bar | 3 Atlanta Locations

There are 3 Christmas pop-up bars in Atlanta this year! One in Highlands, on Monroe and East Atlanta. Click photo to see website!

The Nutcracker | Fox Theatre

After a triumphant premiere last year and a recently announced engagement at the Kennedy Center in November 2019, Atlanta Ballet’s reimagined production of The Nutcracker returns to the Fox Theatre this holiday season. Join us for a thrilling journey through space and time, where everyday objects grow in extraordinary size and the pages of E.T.A. Hoffmann’s beloved story come alive before your very eyes. Add some splendor and world-class enchantment to your family’s holiday with Atlanta Ballet this December.

Macy’s Pink Pig “Priscilla” | Lenox Square Mall

The Macy’s Pink Pig train ride at Macy’s Lenox Square in Atlanta, a beloved holiday tradition, runs from Saturday, November 2, 2019 through Sunday, January 5, 2020.

Winter Wonderland | Fernbank Museum

Prepare to ooh and aah over two floors of twinkling, beautifully decorated trees showcasing celebrations around the world during Fernbank’s 10th annual Winter Wonderland: Celebrations & Traditions Around the World. This holiday-inspired exhibit features trees and other displays decorated by local cultural partners that recognize celebrations including Christmas and Hanukkah, as well as traditions and practices like origami, indigenous art and national symbols.

Santa’s Fantastical | 1155 Mount Vernon Hwy suite 300, Atlanta, GA 30338

A Fantastical℠ is expansive, fun, immersive, and interactive. Fantasticals are themed with thoughtful storytelling for a magical guest journey. It’s the ultimate combination of Art, Technology, and Nostalgia!

Naughty or Nice Holiday Tea | The Ritz-Carlton

The Naughty or Nice Tea encourages guests to indulge in a little of both. For those looking to be nice, sip seasonal teas and apple cider paired with classic afternoon tea offerings like traditional Egg Salad and tea cookies with warmed scones. Indulge your naughty side with Perrier-Jouët, strawberries marinated in Grand Marnier and whipped cream. Set in the unconventional setting of Lumen the Naughty or Nice Tea will enliven guest’ senses through sight, smell and taste of this unique offering. Priced at $45 per adult and $30 per child ages three through five for the ‘Nice’ Tea and $60 per adult for the ‘Naughty’ Tea. Exclusive of tax and gratuity. Complimentary valet included.

Avalon on Ice | Alpharetta, Georgia

Avalon’s monumental Rockefeller-inspired ice skating rink is back starting November 24th, 2019 through January 26th, 2020. Below please find details on hours of operation, pricing, specialty skating, special events and more. Online ticket purchasing available. Tickets will also be available for purchase at the Avalon On Ice Skate Shack, located to the right of Concierge.

Holiday in the Park | Six Flags over Georgia

Holiday in the Park is back for weekends and select weekdays. It’s the most magical time of the year filled with enchanting experiences that will help create those special family fun outings again and again. Our breathtaking winter wonderland features a variety of delightful and interactive activities to help capture the holiday spirit.

Santa & The Grinch | Ponce City Market

Both will take up residence on the second floor above the Central Food Hall, and guests will be invited to bring a camera to snap photos with each. The Grinch will be available for visits and photos from 11am – 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays through December 22. Guests can bring their gift lists to Santa and take photos with the jolly one on Sundays through December 22, plus Monday, December 23 and Tuesday, December 24, from 11am – 6pm.

Sample, Sip and Shop at Lucy’s Market | Buckhead, Atlanta

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—for you to shop for the holidays! Come peruse our decor, gift items, prepared foods, wine selection, and more.


Shop Local: Beacham’s Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season!! Beacham & Company has curated a local gift guide for the holidays. As a locally owned Atlanta company we know how important it is to support smaller businesses, so this holiday season we are promoting local artisans, shops and companies.  For every $100 dollars spent at a locally owned business, $73 dollars stays within the community. A lot of these featured items are originals – which is always a plus! Whether you’re shopping for an Atlanta resident, or out of town friends and family, these gift ideas will be cherished by all! It’s local shops like these that bring character to Atlanta.

HONEYCOMB STUDIO | Tidal Platter $72

KATHLEEN JONES | St. Andrews Apartment VI 12×9


ANNABEL INGALL | Sporty Spice White $166 Available at Poppy’s of Atlanta


CANDLEFISH | Candle Making Workshop $55


OLD 4TH DISTILLERY | Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897

BLOOM&GIVE | Bela Scarf-Natural $50


BELLA CUCINA | Dressed Fresh Basil Pesto $38

LARKIN LANE | Camargue Silk Velvet Ikat Pillow $219

CLOVE + HALLOW | Lip Bundle $53

CITIZEN SUPPLY | Atlannuh Sweatshirt $65

BAUBLE STOCKINGS | Needlepoint Santa Stocking $85

KMM & CO | Slim Card Wallet $45


CACAO | The Coffee Lover’s Gift Box $75

B.D. Jeffries | Leather Gear Vases $125

HEIRLOOMED | Medium Red Stripe Waist Apron $40