Shop Local: Beacham’s Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season!! Beacham & Company has curated a local gift guide for the holidays. As a locally owned Atlanta company we know how important it is to support smaller businesses, so this holiday season we are promoting local artisans, shops and companies.  For every $100 dollars spent at a locally owned business, $73 dollars stays within the community. A lot of these featured items are originals – which is always a plus! Whether you’re shopping for an Atlanta resident, or out of town friends and family, these gift ideas will be cherished by all! It’s local shops like these that bring character to Atlanta.

HONEYCOMB STUDIO | Tidal Platter $72

KATHLEEN JONES | St. Andrews Apartment VI 12×9


ANNABEL INGALL | Sporty Spice White $166


CANDLEFISH | Candle Making Workshop $55


OLD 4TH DISTILLERY | Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897

BLOOM&GIVE | Bela Scarf-Natural $50


BELLA CUCINA | Dressed Fresh Basil Pesto $38

LARKIN LANE | Camargue Silk Velvet Ikat Pillow $219

CLOVE + HALLOW | Lip Bundle $53

CITIZEN SUPPLY | Atlannuh Sweatshirt $65

BAUBLE STOCKINGS | Needlepoint Santa Stocking $85

KMM & CO | Slim Card Wallet $45


CACAO | The Coffee Lover’s Gift Box $75

B.D. Jeffries | Leather Gear Vases $125

HEIRLOOMED | Medium Red Stripe Waist Apron $40


Keeping it REAL Estate: At the Farmers Cabin

Rachel Farmer has been in Atlanta for over 30 years, and daughter Nicole not far behind at 26. Both graduates of The University of Mississippi, they bring a unique Southern charm and charismatic passion to selling real estate.

If you wander the streets of Wildwood you might run into Rachel Farmer, the unofficial ‘Mayor’ of the neighborhood. A resident of Wildwood for almost thirty years, she has instilled her real estate business into her love of the community. Rachel can attest that it has helped her business immensely; and the fact she keeps in touch and treats everyone she meets the same. Born in Mississippi, she lived there until after she graduated from Ole Miss. Her brother was a catcher and Bryan (Rachel’s husband) was a pitcher.  They were suite-mates and that is how Rachel and Bryan were introduced! Bryan got drafted by the Braves after college and finished in ’89 with the Richmond Braves (AAA). Rachel started her career in real estate over nineteen years ago at Harry Norman, here she met Glennis. Rachel admired Glennis during her time at Harry Norman, so when Glennis left to start her own company it was a no brainer that she too would join.


Nicole was born and raised in Atlanta and went to three different schools growing up in the city. It might seem like she jumped around a lot, but she formed many friendships, met so many people and learned a lot about Atlanta during her school years. She went on to Ole Miss for college, following the footsteps of her Mom, Dad, cousins, aunt, uncles, and grandparents. She majored in Integrated Marketing and Communications which has since served her well in real estate. “Oxford is a little slice of heaven. Great people, so nice and such a fun college town where I had the best time of my life”, says Nicole. After college she decided to move back to Atlanta and within two days she enrolled in real estate school. Rachel’s accomplishments and success have taught Nicole many things, but the most important two are loyalty and confidentiality among clients.

With only fifteen percent of real estate agents under the age of thirty, Nicole teaming up with her mom was a definite benefit to them both. The technology awareness Nicole brings paired with Rachel’s knowledge and contacts of the business make them insurmountable.




What sets you apart from other real estate teams?

Nicole: “The years we both have combined in real estate and the personal relationships established between the two of us sets us apart. We’ve both lived in the same neighborhood for 29 years and can attest to being engaged in multi-generation families in Atlanta. Whether we used to live in the same community, went to school together or are family friends, we know people on all levels.”

How do you market yourself as a team?

Nicole: “We bring two generations to our business, and it has really impacted our success. Coming in and learning my moms traditional real estate customs has helped me learn the business from a viewpoint other people my age don’t get the opportunity to do. We do everything together from the listing appointment to closing, so our clients are getting not one agent, but two. Whether it’s a $150,000 condo or a $2 million dollar home, they get us both.”


Do you have a recent crazy real estate story?

Rachel: “Susan Cross and I just had a recent closing together where we only had a two week window to get the house closed. We had due diligence, but the buyer said we had to close on a certain date before mercury goes into retrograde. Apparently, you’re not supposed to sign anything or go into new contracts or you’ll regret it the minute you do. We got it done, and closed on time. This business is crazy sometimes and every deal has its quirkiness, but that’s why we love it!”

Do you have a favorite past transaction?

Rachel: “My old UPS driver, Clifford. I sold his mom and uncles house in East Point back in 2008. He has since retired from driving so I don’t see him everyday, but I keep up with him and meet him every year to give him a pecan pie. He recently won one million dollars in the lottery. He chose to renovate his church with the money which just speaks to his character and why he is so loved. To me, my favorite transactions are the ones that really appreciate what you’re doing to help them. They remember more of how you made them feel instead of what you did for them. Residential real estate is ALL personal.”

What sparked your idea for Beacham Gives Back?

Rachel: “I don’t think you’ll find one agent that works in Buckhead or Atlanta that won’t tell you we are blessed with a strong market. I felt we needed to give back to the community as a company and allow agents to pick who THEY want their money to go. So, as a company, we choose charities throughout the year and give our agents the option to add a donation amount to their closing sheet. I realized soon after working with Our House we should be giving to charities all year, not once a year. I am proud that Beacham was among the first to start this donation program.”

Why did you start making pies, and how many do you make?

Rachel: “It’s my mom’s recipe and when I first started it was around twenty pies, now it’s grown to over one hundred. It’s my way of touching base with people that I love, whether it’s past clients, my pharmacist, the mailman or co-workers. I love delivering them and every year people look forward to them! I have a client coming from Alabama soon to pick up a pie. It’s important to connect with people that take care of me year round.”


Growing up in Atlanta, what neighborhood do you think has changed the most?

Nicole: “The westside, definitely. Growing up so close to it, the amount of apartment complexes that have been built and new restaurants coming in, the change has been crazy! But I do think East Lake will be the next go to for buyers coming into Atlanta.”

What is your ideal weekend in Atlanta?

Nicole: “Friday night is Taqueria del Sol and Saturday’s with friends watching football or hanging out on the Beltline at the Inman Park Taproom. One of my new favorite restaurants in Forza Storico in Westside Provisions! And of course, Sundays…love holding an open house!”

Rachel: “I enjoy quiet weekends down here, at my cabin, especially in the Spring and Summer when our pool is open.”




What is your favorite restaurant?

Nicole: “The Varsity! My go to is an FO and a chili dog with fries or onion rings.”

Rachel: “Jalisco’s! Bryan grew up going there when it was one room and he loved it, and we both still do!”

Favorite Season in Atlanta?

Nicole: “Summer, because I love watching baseball and hanging out by the pool.”

Rachel: “Spring in Atlanta is so colorful, and also because it’s the start of spring training for baseball! I always go visit my son Kyle, who currently plays for the Cincinnati Reds; it really kicks off the whole Spring/Summer season for me.”

Can you tell us a little about the history of this cabin?

Nicole: “My grandfather bought these 250 acres of land when my dad was in college. It was solely intended for a man cave and getaway for them both. My dad and grandfather had an incredible bond and they both enjoyed having a place to hang out, which my dad and brother both do now. My dad always had a dream to build a cabin on this land right in front of this giant oak tree, so that’s what he did. My grandfather also built a house with a tin roof, so there’s plenty of room for everyone to stay when the whole family is here. This little piece of land has been the circle of life for our family and it’s just a great multi-generation compound. I can’t wait to bring my kids here!”


To work with Rachel and Nicole, visit their agent pages on our website, here.

Has the Market Peaked? Trends Shaping 2020

As 2019 winds down and we begin to peek at 2020, it is worth noting that the U.S. housing market has fully recovered from the 2008-09 financial crisis. Home prices now exceed the pre-collapse valuations in most areas, and we are amid the longest bull market in the history of the United States. The cyclical nature of markets is immutable, and another recession will undoubtedly arise again. Could it be in 2020? It is impossible to say, and economic forecasting is one of probability and chance, not one of fact and certainty, which means that even the surest indicators of the market do not always see their predictions realized. Now, with the uncertainty of any prediction in mind, let us review some of the current market conditions and indications and then reflect on the bearing of what they could, not will, mean in 2020.

Baby boomers own two out of every five homes in the United States, and the generation has been entering retirement at a historically unprecedented rate, which will continue to increase in 2020. This creates the looming threat of a possible suburban housing selloff due to downsizing or the inevitable: health issues and death, which would force the sale of their properties. Fortunately, many retirees are choosing to age-in-place and stay within their suburban homes into retirement due to factors such as access to internet, food-delivery systems, breakthroughs in health and safety technologies, lack of feasible alternative retirement options, and more. Ideally, this tendency to age-in-place will work to counteract – or at least mitigate – any short-term housing selloff. Long-term, suburban housing valuations may be slightly worrisome, but with our outlook being only 1 year, it is unlikely come 2020 that any relevant changes will be caused by this factor, and we can be cautiously optimistic in this regard.

Atlanta currently has a constrained home supply; very low unemployment, a steady economic growth rate, and a diminishing, yet still persistent, level of demand in it’s market which creates a short-term 2020 vision of increasing prices over this next year. All of these conditions are contingent and overshadowed by larger macro concerns about the Feds tampering with interest rates (mortgage rates as well) and trade uncertainties. With these macroeconomic concerns out of mind, however, the consensus is that the house values in Atlanta could rise more slowly, but still continue to rise, over 2020. Outside of home-ownership, demand for rentals has been booming for years – with over 300,000 renters in the city proper alone – and vacancy rates are expected to stay low throughout 2020 and beyond, meaning consistently high demand. Even in the event of a broader economic crash, the real estate market as a whole has been shown by economists such as Robert Shiller to have a delayed effect to recessions, so any broader economic recession that occurred today would likely not be mirrored within real estate prices for 6-12 months time.

Atlanta could actually benefit from the anticipated economic cool-down in 2020. In many cities throughout the nation the drastic price appreciation that occurred from 2016-18  lead to affordability issues for many home buyers in the area. Atlanta has largely avoided this but if prices continued to appreciate in 2020 as much as they have in recent years Atlanta could be in for some real affordability problems. An economic cool-down that would reduce the appreciation of homes down to around 2-3% would be good in this respect and prevent any further price outs and irrational exuberance from taking place. In addition, a cool-down will likely shift leverage toward home-buyers, and away from sellers, for the first time in years. If you are looking to buy a home, 2020 may be the time to do so as negotiations should be more favorable than in recent years.

In sum, the Atlanta real estate market is showing overall positive signals into this next year, with no factors presenting as out of the ordinary. Admittedly, ordinary is relative, but few current factors appear to likely inhibit further growth in the market. There are always the questions surrounding nationwide economic policy and trade, but the effects of these subjects affect the nation’s economy as a whole, and not Atlanta’s comparative position within it. So, it can be cautiously said that growth should, albeit at a slower pace than recent years, continue to occur in home and rental prices. Look for a mundane year within Atlanta economy compared to previous conditions, as price-appreciation likely won’t skyrocket nor falter, but remain constant and steady. Appreciate the cool-off for what it is, a hiatus from the volatility of modern day markets.


Written by: Max Wittling

Featured Listing: An Oasis Steps from Chastain Park

This gem is nestled within the coveted community centered around Chastain Park in Buckhead. The beautiful 268-acre Chastain Park is the largest park in Atlanta and so close to the house it will feel like your backyard. With the constant opportunities to go for a jog, play some tennis, go for a round of golf, a dip in the park’s pool, there will always be something to do!

In addition, this home comes with over an acre of land encompassing a vast lush yard for the owner to enjoy over the rocking-chair front porch, an elegant front and backdoor patio, and a pool complete with a stone-manufactured water slide, waterfall, a hidden cove, and resistance swimming!

The kitchen, family room & solarium all open to the walk out patio and the fireside living room opens to the dining room with views of the pool. The kitchen adorns granite counters, an island, a sitting/eating area with an additional fireplace! The spacious master is on the main making living a breeze for the owners! All of this is topped off with a lower level playroom, a lavish steam room, and a gorgeous wine closet.

When or if you ever finish enjoying the countless amenities of the house itself, go for an equestrian horse ride over at the Chastain horse park, a local favorite.

Listed for $1,250,000 by Janey Lowe, see listing here.

What are Millennial Buyers Looking For?

Millennials are America’s largest group of home buyers who are changing the real estate market everywhere. According to reports, 37% of millennials (25 to 34) own homes; this is 8% lower than GenX and baby boomers at the same age. Why is this? Well, there are many possible causes, but let’s first start with where millennials prefer to live: cities. The cost of living in and even around cities has elevated to a far higher cost than past generations experienced. This is partly due to notorious regulation and market intervention that real-estate markets in big cities are known for, which decreases supply and increases the costs of renting and home-owning. See reports here

Millennials are also waiting much longer to get married and have children, therefore reducing their demand for a spacious home. Lastly, the student loan debt has increased substantially with college becoming more expensive than ever; almost half of the millennial buyers have debt. So, understandably, millennials aren’t buying many homes on the whole; prices are just too high, debt is too great, and cost-of-living is too demanding for many to be able to save up the money for a down payment feasibly. 

So what are they looking for?

The reasons for the millennial decrease in home-buying aside, for those millennials who are looking to buy, what exactly are they looking for? Communities with an emphasis on walkability are among their favorite places to reside. They are also looking to be close to public transportation, nightlife, and other amenities. Many are turning their noses up at the sprawling homes of their parents’ generation and instead seeking affordability and flexibility. Millennials are moving away from strip malls and highways and settling down in places with a mix of suburban and urban features, dubbed “surban”. Millennials seem to value an urban vibe to a greater extent than past generations, and devalue long commutes and periphery living.


Going Green

One way to attract millennial buyers is building and renovating homes to be energy efficient. Adding solar panels to the roof, energy-efficient lighting and skylights, and most other project concerning sustainability will increase the appeal to young buyers. Federal tax incentives are becoming more and more available for energy-efficient upgrades to existing homes, and financing for solar panels are currently available that will pay off in as little as seven years depending on the tax incentive programs of your state. These “go-green” initiatives appeal to millennial progressive mindset and adhere to their tastes. Millennials have shown that, as a generation, they care a lot about the environment, so an environmentally friendly space is a great way to make them feel good about the biggest purchase of their life.


Affordable Cities

Millennials love cities, this much is apparent. However, the living costs associated with city living have elevated to a frightening level in the modern-day. Why? It boils down to economics. Cities will always unavoidably have higher prices because of the increased demand to live there, and this, paired with market intervention such as rent-control and zoning regulations, is resulting in sky-high living prices. In extreme cases, the over-regulation and interference in housing and rental markets decrease or even stagnate the growth of new housing stock. Because of this, prices for the existing houses increase through supply and demand. Thus the best, and arguably the only way, is to get millennials in mass start to buy more homes going into the future is to decrease the cost of them. 

Millennials have become quite enthusiastic over what they call “affordable cities” for this reason. They are exactly what they sound like: affordable, modern cities that give the feel of urbanity while maintaining a low living cost to the citizens. More and more young adults are moving out to and settling down in the Midwest. This trend should not be at all surprising, as some simple math can show anyone that the average millennial needs 28 years for a San Francisco down payment, compared to less than three in Kansas City. The conglomeration of universities, cheap real estate, and fresh development is creating pockets of youth in Midwestern places like Kansas City and reviving entire parts of the cities’ economies as well as increasing their populations. Des Moines is another city millennials love. Their population grew by 1.76% last year; mainly through the addition of new citizens fleeing the high living-costs of “superstar cities” such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York.


Yards & Dog Parks

One of the top things that millennials consider when buying a home is their pets! Here are the facts: states that a whopping 73% of millennials currently own a pet, and 89% of the millennials who bought a home in 2018 owned a pet. On top of this, 79% of pet-owning homebuyers who closed on a property in 2018 said they would pass up an otherwise perfect home if it did not meet the needs of their pets. Wow! Numbers like these are nearly infallible; it seems that millennials unquestionably adore their pets, especially dogs. The needs of their furry friends are near the top of the list of things affecting their home-purchasing decisions.

With marriage rates falling and people waiting until unprecedented ages to have children and start families, dogs and other pets are increasingly the only families that young adults live alongside; and they’re treated as such! Pet-centered amenities such as dog-parks, big back yards, and running trails are often just as important in a home purchase to a millennial as any other amenities. If you’re selling your home, or perhaps you’re a landlord and you’ve noticed a lack of pet-friendly amenities associated with your property. Take action and consider installing a fence, modern pet door, or a dog grooming station; also consider advertising any local pet-friendly locations such as restaurants or pet-supply stores. So, in sum, to successfully attract young adults to your property, don’t forget to cater to the needs of their faithful companions, or you may find yourself unpleasantly surprised! 


Beacham Gives Back: Make-A-Wish

On September 12th there was a new light inside the Beacham & Company REALTORS® office. 6-year-old Madeline joined our Beacham family in celebrating her wish reveal! Madeline is just like any other 6-year-old, obsessed with all things pink, princesses and My Little Pony. However, her and her family face the battle of Madeline’s diagnosis on a daily basis. This sweet, courageous and loving little girl struggles in managing a malignant rhabdoid tumor. After our time spent with Madeline and her family, we would’ve never known. Though she may be in a constant state of struggle and pain, her smile and laughter filled our office; all we saw was a little girl full of life.

Make-A-Wish Georgia was chosen as this quarter’s Beacham Gives Back beneficiary. Thanks to the outpour of support from the staff & agents here at Beacham & Company, we were lucky enough to be apart in making Madeline’s dream come true. Her wish was to go to Disney World. With families who fight malicious diagnoses like Madeline’s, it becomes challenging for things like this to happen. The financial burden of her illness, and her parents juggling three children, Madeline’s older brother and sister, it was the least we could do in making just one day brighter for sweet Madeline.

The agents and staff here at Beacham & Company came together in turning our office into a night Madeline wouldn’t forget. Madeline was greeted by Princess Nicole (A Beacham agent), who put on her Belle dress and treated Madeline like the little princess that she is. Surrounded by a princess cake, her favorite toys and Mickey & Minnie Mouse ears to celebrate, we created a space to share the heartwarming news, that Madeline and her family would be sent to Disney World.  It is opportunities like these that make us all proud to be on the same team. We came together as a company to be a part of something so much bigger than ourselves, and so much bigger than any house we could ever sell. While Madeline and her family continue to fight for her life, we are proud to have given her just one day, where she can hopefully forget about everything except feeling like the princess she deserves to be. It’s been an honor to serve the Make-A-Wish Georgia foundation and we look forward to continuing our support. Making magic happen any way we can!


If you would like to submit a charity for consideration, you can email us at Please keep in mind that charities must be approved by our agent.  If you know a Beacham agent, we encourage you to contact them directly about participation in this program.

Best Fall Getaway Destinations in Georgia

Who doesn’t love a quick weekend getaway in the fall?! When September hits we can’t help but get a little excited for the upcoming season. Georgia offers a multitude of destinations; from the North Georgia mountains down to Savannah’s Tybee Island.

Cloudland Canyon State Park 

Situated in northwest Georgia on the western edge of Lookout Mountain you’ll find Cloudland Canyon State Park. The park’s most popular trail, the Cloudland Canyon Waterfalls Trail, drops from the canyon’s towering walls to its floor and hikes to two stunning waterfalls, Cherokee Falls and Hemlock Falls. If you’re looking for a quaint bed and breakfast check out Chanticleer Inn! If you’re wanting to be super close to the park these Airbnb’s have spectacular views: Vantage Point, Cabin on the Hill, Cloudland Cottage.


Barnsley Gardens Resort 

Sitting on 3,000 acres in Georgia just north of Atlanta offering a luxurious relaxation lifestyle. Offering a multitude of activities like golf, clay shooting, kayaking, swimming, horseback riding and biking. The accommodations are adorable with southern cottage exteriors. Also, Rome, GA is a quick 20 min drive featuring a picturesque downtown area with family owned restaurants.

Blue Ridge, Georgia

Only 90 miles north of Atlanta you’ll find peace and quiet with spectacular views. You can rent a cabin with a hot tub and enjoy fall in luxury. Plenty of yummy restaurants, quirky mountain shops, waterfall hikes, horseback riding and of course local wine/beer. You can check out all of the annual festivals here. Whether you’re looking for lake views, mountain seclusion, or something right downtown, you’ll find it in Blue Ridge!

Fall for Autumn at The Ritz Carlton, Lake Oconee

The crisp fall air is always better at the lake. The vibrant foliage contrasting against the lake is a beautiful scene that shouldn’t be missed! The Ritz offers a sprawling resort style backyard, hammocks nestled among the Georgia pines and fireside seating areas where you can enjoy spiced cider and s’mores. Also, the spa cannot be missed!

Cháteau Elan Winery & Resort

Whether it’s a getaway or staycation, Chateau Elan has it all. Described as European luxury meets southern hospitality, this is the most awarded winery and resort on the East coast. There is superb dining, golf, spa, tennis and of course, wine. To check out everything else it has to offer, click here.


Autumn in the Classic City Athens, GA

Fall in Athens is something that cannot be explained, only experienced. When there’s a game “Between the Hedges” the city sparks a certain magic; especially in the fall. This southern city is marinated in diverse culture with quirky downtown stores, art galleries and a paramount music/bar scene. The food scene is unparalleled with internationally acclaimed chefs and up-coming talents. If you’re going on a home game weekend book ASAP or stay a little outside the city for more availability. For non-home-game weekend check out these accommodations: Hotel Indigo, Graduate, Normaltown Airbnb.


Festival Season in Savannah, GA

You might think why go South for fall, but we say why go anywhere else!? Summer humidity has left this city and the crisp fall mornings have arrived. Walking down the cobblestone streets under the beautifully shaded trees with a morning coffee in hand is unbeatable. Oyster season is in full swing and being on the coast means you have direct access to the freshest ones! Savannah Food and Wine Festival, Jewish Food Festival and the SCAD Savannah Film Festival. Tybee Island is now less crowded and you can enjoy the views in peace, fish and take the perfect Christmas card photo! Places to stay: The Bohemian Hotel, Ballastone Luxury Inn, The Inn on West Liberty, 1869 Historic Home.



Jeni’s Ice Cream NOW OPEN in Buckhead!

An Atlanta favorite, Jeni’s Ice Cream, is officially making its way to the Buckhead Marketplace right on West Paces Ferry Rd. Here at Beacham & Company, we are especially excited because Jeni’s newest Scoop Shop is going to be conveniently nestled right across the street from our office, located at One Buckhead Plaza. Buckhead is lucky to claim the fifth official Jeni’s, and not only will this new addition increase the sweet tooth of its residents, but bring more money/jobs into the city. And what better way to do so than over an ice cream cone?!

Jeni’s is known for building their flavors from the ground up to melt in a specific way; plus their flavors are always outstanding. They are a Certified B Corporation endorsed by the international nonprofit B Lab as a company that meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. Jeni’s mission is simple, ‘We believe that you can grow a business as a community of people, with artful attention to detail and the customer experience AND continuously get better at the same time.”

Jeni’s will be bringing more than just flavor to Buckhead, they will be bringing its customers together.


SOLD: Historic Brookwood Hills Home

This timeless piece of Atlanta architecture, ideally located in Brookwood Hills, at 14 Palisades Road is declared SOLD! Kyle Baumann and Elise Baumann of The Lowe Baumann Group represented the sellers. On the market for $1,299,000.

This traditionally-styled, red brick exterior home has not been on the market in over 50 years! It is clad with hardwood floors, built-in bookcases and large light-permitting windows. As a Neel Reid home, it boasts as much history as it does character. This Atlanta gem features a James Means library on the main floor and an Ivan Bailey fountain in the back private garden. The home offers a secluded sanctuary for the owner to slip into. This historic masterpiece also highlights 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a separate dining room with space for 12, a kitchen island, and a separate in-law suite.

From the poshly striped wallpaper to the quiet enclosed backyard, this home truly is one-of-a-kind. The 10′ ceilings besiege the interior of the home; accompanied by the vast yet inviting rooms throughout. This home is an idyllic icon within the Brookwood Hills neighborhood. This area of Buckhead divulges some of Atlanta’s leading restaurants, like that of Watershed and Houston’s. The covetable Ansley Golf Club is nothing but a short drive from the home, encouraging community engagement. This traditional, adorned in ornate detailing remains influential in Atlanta Real Estate.


See more here

Charming Victorian Graces Inman Park

This classic 3bd/2ba Inman Park home circa 1907 retains original character while offering access to some of Atlanta’s trendiest restaurants and shops. This $800,000 piece of history is even walking distance to the ATL Beltline! This bungalow features 3 sizable bedrooms that provide the upmost comfort. The privacy of the property’s backyard is something coveted by many potential home owners. Retreat to the fully-fenced, private yard surrounded by professional landscaping, and allow yourself to indulge in nature. Walk the steps of this historically elegant cobblestone pathway and come see the property for yourself; this one won’t be on the market for long!

Enjoy the fresh air of Atlanta and spend some time on the welcoming front porch swing!


Experience a spacious living room environment!

Cozy up next to one of the five working fireplaces this Victorian has to offer! The inside adorned in stunning hard wood floors throughout, accompanied by the irresistible 12′ ceilings enhancing the natural light in each and every room. Enjoy a fully renovated kitchen with stainless steel appliances, accompanied by a sought-after wine rack. Prepare a meal on desirable stone counters, to be later served on the kitchen island while enjoying the sounds from the warm crackling fire!

Beautiful views to be seen from the kitchen window while cooking!

The stunning hardwood floors are continued in the Master Bedroom, which is nothing short of chic! Not only is the bedroom itself impeccably maintained, the master is graced with a walk-in-closet (everyone’s dream!) as well as a renovated bath with a double vanity and large shower. Find a private sanctuary within your own bedroom.

Get some R&R after a long day…

Serenity is abundant in these bathrooms, especially the secondary ones! The classic tiling and wood combined with the updated fixtures is the epitome of the home’s fusion of modern comfort and original character.

Embrace the serenity!

The inviting outdoor space, including a fully landscaped backyard and wrap-around porch, allows you the perfect opportunity to charm guests, or to just sip a coffee and read a book. Spend time with friends and family while enjoying the fresh air that Atlanta brings. Fall is upon us!

An open backyard to entertain with and enjoy!


Listed by Judy Higgins, see listing here.