The Beacham Insider – May 2016

BI-5-2016The May 2016 issue of The Beacham Insider looks at the differences between Atlanta’s most affluent neighborhoods and the broader market. Demographic factors influencing home sales are given consideration including an analysis of Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials. Housing inventory is front and center once again and we paint a stark picture of how critical the inventory shortage is. We also look at a measure of international home buying interest and how Atlanta stacks up. Finally, we give you the top five highest appreciating neighborhoods in Atlanta over the last 10 years.


The Beacham Insider – January/February 2016

insider2016In the January/February 2016 issue of The Beacham Insider, we re-cap the record year of 2015 in Atlanta real estate and look ahead to 2016. The greatest challenge to continued growth is a lack of adequate housing inventory. The months’ supply of inventory sank to a two-year, near all-time low last month. We also look at how changing demographics are having a ripple effect on the entire market and what can be done to ensure to best meet changing buyer demands. In addition, we ponder the upcoming presidential election and look to see how the terms of presidents have affected home prices over the last 40 years.

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The Beacham Insider – Fall 2015

The fall issue of The Beacham Insider recaps the best spring/summer market for Atlanta real estate since 2011 and looks ahead to an autumn with the most favorable market conditions in more than a decade. We provide eight reasons why fall is a terrific time to list a home and hear from National Association of Realtors’ chief economist Lawrence Yun on whether home prices will continue to climb. We also look at the impact of the recent Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) changes to mortgage lending and what buyers need to do to prevent closing delays under the new rules. The robust state of luxury real estate market is documented, as are the mammoth gains by Beacham & Company in website traffic, social media reach and market share growth.

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The Beacham Insider – April 2015

The spring issue of The Beacham Insider highlights the strong start to the selling season with home sales up 21% from March a year ago. We also look at why May is the best month to list your home for sale and why selling in 2015 may be a good idea with forces outside of real estate possibly dictating a less than favorable 2016 for real estate. We also re-cap the visit by Georgia State University economist Rajeev Dhawan’s to Beacham in March and hear his keys to the future health of residential real estate. As always, we analyze the sales data of Atlanta’s most desirable neighborhoods and see which areas are hottest.

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The Beacham Insider – February 2015

Our year-end report on Atlanta real estate reveals that 2014 was the first year since 2011 in which home sales were higher than the previous year. Beacham & Company outperformed the market as the firm’s home sales were up 14.6% from 2013 while overall Atlanta home sales were up just 1.9%. Predictions for 2015 are very favorable due to rising housing inventory levels and a slowing in home price appreciation. In fact, an economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta notes that “Atlanta is the most affordable housing market in the country.” We also examine demographic trends influencing home sales including the rise of Millennials and singles as a new force in the marketplace.

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The Beacham Insider – November 2014

The Atlanta average home sales price continues to hit all-time highs as we move through fall. However, the number of home sales is still well below the peak in 2006 (-25%) and has been declining for more than two years. However, things appear to be turning around. Through the end of October, there were 350 more homes closed in 2014 than 2013. If that margin holds, then 2014 will be the first year in three years with more closings than the previous year. Rising housing inventory is helping to restore balance in the market and should fuel continued sales growth. In this issue of The Beacham Insider, we look at Atlanta’s four most priciest neighborhoods. All of them have average sales prices of more than $1 million. We also take note of a fast-moving trend in condo sales that bodes well for future condo development and apartment conversions.

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The Beacham Insider – September 2014

The Beacham Insider - September 2014The Atlanta average home sales price reached an all-time high in July! This is an enormous milestone which comes seven years after the previous high in July 2007. The average is up 41.3% from the bottom of the market in 2011. The lack of housing inventory supply is the main reason prices have risen so far, so fast, although inventory is up more than 20% from two years ago. We compare the run-up in Atlanta home prices to the run up in the New York Stock Exchange and find that real estate is still the better value. We also explore key findings from the National Association of Realtors’ recent report on international home buyers, including the fact that less than 2% of homes in Georgia are to international buyers. We compare international real estate affiliations and find that Beacham and its Leading Real Estate Companies of the World partners outsell its Atlanta Fine Homes and Sotheby’s International Realty competitors by 11 to 1.

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The Beacham Insider – April 2014

The Beacham Insider - April 2014Spring is here, so why are Atlanta real estate sales trending downward? Find out why in the April 2014 issue of The Beacham Insider. We also discuss Atlanta’s changing demographics and how an aging population is putting pressure on high-end sales. We also explain why Zestimates are so inaccurate and why the advice of an agent results in a 59% greater average sales price than properties not listed by an agent. We also review Atlanta’s top selling neighborhoods over the last five months – the hottest neighborhoods being Ashford Park, Garden Hills, Morningside, and Virginia-Highland.

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The Beacham Insider – December 2013

The Beacham Insider - December 2013The December 2013 of The Beacham Insider takes note of the first year-over-year increase in metro Atlanta’s single family detached housing inventory in seven years. The Insider predicts what this will mean for Atlanta real estate in 2014 as well as what are the most desirable features of a home in today’s market. The Insider also demonstrates why it’s important for sellers to list in the MLS system and to list in January to get a jump on the rest of the market.

In reviewing the performance of the Atlanta real estate market over the last two months, the Insider notes that sales of single family detached homes were down -4% from the same period a year ago while prices were up 17%. Condo sales were up 7% while condo prices were up 33%. Top performing markets included Midtown, Sandy Springs and Vinings.

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The Beacham Insider – October 2013

The Beacham Insider - October 2013The average home sales price in Atlanta continued a streak of double digit year-over-year gains this summer, but sales remain well below 2012 due to a persistently low number of homes for sale. Sales of single family detached homes were down 6% in the three month period from June to August compared to the same three months a year ago, while the average sales price was up 23%. Among the Beacham Bellwethers, an index created by Beacham & Company to track the most desirable areas of Atlanta, sales were up 21% from a year ago, while prices were up 19%. Most neighborhoods and communities in the Beacham Bellwethers are in highly rated school districts and are convenient to major job centers within the metro Atlanta area.

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