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The Beacham Series™ showcases the finest homes for sale in Atlanta real estate. This award-winning publication has a distribution of 25,000, including direct mail delivery to the most affluent households in Atlanta real estate as well as more than 1,500 luxury real estate brokerages in 70 countries.


15 Years of History

When Glennis Beacham founded Beacham and Company in 2006, she claimed, “This company’s success will come from offering the very best marketing Atlanta Real Estate has ever seen.” She was right. Beacham & Company clients and friends showcase both the current and past issues of the magazine on their coffee tables and in their bookcases. Architects and designers confess to using them as inspiration, and many homebuyers find their new homes in the pages of the Series. The Beacham Series™ garners national respect and earns many awards for its photography and layout, but the best part about it is the pride Beacham customers share over having their homes featured in this special publication.

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The Beacham Series™ finds its way into the finest homes in Atlanta and reaches the hands of many more. To find out how you can advertise in this award-winning publication, contact or call 404.261.6300

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