Dac CarverDac Carver

Vice President and Managing Broker

Direct: 404.975.4744
[email protected]

Elizabeth ChandlerElizabeth Chandler

Business Office Manager

Direct: 404.975.4731
[email protected]

Blayne Beacham

Director of Creative Services & Photography

Direct: 404.975.4733
[email protected]

Visit Blayne’s blog:
“This Photographer’s Life: In Search of a Style”

Laura FlorkowskiLaura Florkowski

Director of Marketing

Direct: 404.890.7644
[email protected]

Keri Ford

Senior Graphic Designer

Phone: 404.261.6300 Ext. 7658
[email protected]

Kathy OConnell

Kathy Alexander

Office Manager

Direct: 404.261.6300
[email protected]

Jessi Hamilton

Relocation & Business Development Coordinator

Direct: 404-890-7650
[email protected]

Rod CollinsRod Collins

Director of Photography

Direct: 404-261-6300
[email protected]