Company History

Glennis Beacham founded Beacham & Company, REALTORS® in November 2006 after more than 13 years as the top real estate agent at one of Atlanta’s largest real estate companies. She realized the need for a boutique Atlanta real estate firm that specialized in luxury properties and was committed to producing the highest quality marketing materials in the business. Starting with the company logo, Beacham was determined to create an image and a brand that would redefine upscale Atlanta real estate. Her goal was to appeal to anyone who routinely stays in a five-star resort. By capturing that audience, Beacham reasoned, everyone else would follow.

When the first periwinkle blue Beacham & Company signs went in the ground during the fall of 2006, the Buckhead community was abuzz. Not only had Beacham developed an elegant and regal logo, but the new “pops of blue” in front lawns around Buckhead instantly branded the new real estate firm and quickly became as critical to the company image as the Beacham logo itself. As Glennis said sometime later, “it was hard to drive by and not notice how unique the signs were,” so the community quickly associated the unique blue color and high-end logo with luxury real estate.

One Buckhead Plaza

The company’s office is off the main lobby of One Buckhead Plaza, one of the most prestigious office addresses in the Southeast.

Perhaps the most crucial test of the young firm’s marketing abilities came when the company began work on the first issue of the company magazine, “The Beacham Series.” Beacham’s daughter Blayne was hired as the firm’s creative director to provide photography for the magazine and to oversee production. When mother and daughter put their heads together to come up with a name for the magazine, Glennis’ goal was to come up with a name that would “stand the test of time.” Blayne’s goal was to find a name that would succinctly portray photographic excellence and cohesion, such as a series of photographs in a gallery. The word ‘series,’ which is defined as “as set of successive volumes or issues of a periodical published with similarity of subject or purpose,” proved well-chosen as the magazine quickly became an Atlanta coffee table fixture. The publication drew raves because of its artistic photography, focus on transitional interior design techniques, and layout featuring clean lines and neutral colors. A winner of several national and international awards, The Beacham Series has since inspired numerous other real estate and architectural publications and is believed to be only one of several of its caliber that are published by real estate companies in North America.

With the company’s reputation for outstanding marketing firmly cemented, Beacham began work on a permanent headquarters. The company’s first office was at The Medici in the Piazza at Paces. In March 2013, the firm expanded to meet its double digit annual growth and moved into new space off the main lobby in the prestigious One Buckhead Plaza building in central Buckhead. Ideally situated next to the St. Regis and across from the luxury shopping and residential project known as “Buckhead Atlanta,” One Buckhead Plaza is one of the premier office buildings in the Southeast. Beacham successfully improved upon her first office location but designed the space to allow for the same naturally lighted working environment. The openness of the office was particularly important to Beacham, who wanted the energy and excitement of agents working on deals to carry throughout the office and inspire other agents. Beacham’s interior designer, Anne Williams, incorporated water into her design concept to augment the feeling of openness and transparency. The resulting space features an abundance of glass, light, and natural colors. The most popular feature is the waterfall in the lobby, however. Whether young or old, visitors are magically drawn to the look and sound of cascading water in this wonderfully modern and non-traditional office environment.

The Beacham office is among many draws that bring Atlanta’s top producing agents to Beacham & Company. From the beginning however, Beacham has insisted on maintaining a boutique feel to the company. Thus, she has been extremely selective about the agents she has invited to join the firm. Along with a host of other criteria, she insists on hiring only agents who share her dedication to professionalism and integrity. As a result, the agents who work for Beacham & Company are among the most experienced and productive in the business. Although Glennis intends to always remain an active agent, she also enjoys mentoring her colleagues. Already she has helped numerous agents further their careers, which gives her as much of a thrill as selling a multi-million dollar estate. It’s this excitement over marketing, selling and mentoring in the real estate community that inspires her to continue growing and solidifying Beacham & Company’s reputation as the premier real estate company in metro Atlanta.