On Trend: Lights We Love

Posted on July 6, 2020


From the moment your step through the doors of a home, its features are illuminated by lights; when both on and off. Whether natural or fixed, lighting changes the entire mood of a room. By enhancing the color scheme, you can foster welcoming feelings of warmth and serenity. Good spaces to consider adding lighting are the foyer, dining room, and bedrooms. A good rule of thumb is to make sure to include 3 light sources in each room, general (overhead or pendant) lighting, specific (task or table) lighting, and ambient (sconces, candles or decorative) lighting. When selling a home, catering to potential buyers first impression is priceless; stylized lighting will surely bring the applause! By tailoring your fixtures to match your aesthetic, each room will quickly feel complete. Below are some of our favorite lights right now, all linked to their source!

Brass Pleated Table Lamp by Le Klint

Apertivo Light from Servomuto

Clay Light Pendant from LightTexture

A swan-shaped floor lamp by Danish Mads Caprani, made in wood with a Le Klint shade.

BONBON designed by Ana Kraš

Kassandra Thatcher Oblong Loop Lamp

Hans-Agne Jakobsson Fring Lamp, Vintage 1960’s


Ferm Living’s Fall Collection via Sightunseen

Paavo Tynell Floor Lamp, Model 9602 by Taito Oy, 1940s

Felt Pendant by Luma Lano