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Little Five Points

Little Five Points is often considered the ‘hippie’ neighborhood of Atlanta. Located just north of East Atlanta near Inman Park, this neighborhood is an artist’s dream- consumed with street art and graffiti any which way you turn. Some of the commercial districts nearby include Downtown and Midtown.

Things to Do

With hippie vibes lie hippie shops. Urban clothing stores are lined up and down just about every street. Eateries like Tijuana Garage and bars like The Vortex Bar and Grill are two of the most popular dining choices within the Little Five Points Area. Creative energy and free-minded expressionists flow all throughout this neighborhood.

Real Estate

The average listing price for a home in this area is around $725,000. Homes within Little Five Points vary in style- Victorian-style here, contemporary there, and some newly renovated. No matter the case, this neighborhood takes its architectural inspiration from its nearby communities.

Life in Little Five Points

If you want a little bit of weird in your life, look no further. This neighborhood is one of the most popular spots in Atlanta as well as having a major presence in Atlanta real estate. Here, you never know what your day or night may turn out to be, but one thing’s for certain – it’ll stand out.

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