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Robbie is amazing. He worked tirelessly to help us buy our first home and then after seven months (and a very unexpected job change) he helped us sell that first home. Robbie marketed the home masterfully and had us under contract within 48 hours. The disclaimer must be given that not all sellers will experience the same results, but I can personally guarantee you will enjoy every minute of working with Robbie. Maybe more importantly, others will too. Every agent, home inspector, closing attorney, and really everyone we encountered while working with Robbie sang and echoed his praises. His drive, joy, and respect for others accompanied him each and everyday that we were lucky enough to work with Robbie. Look no further. Robbie is your man.

-AJ Cheek

Robbie treats his customers like gold! We were lucky enough to be able to work with this charming and knowledgeable agent through our first investment property purchase. Robbie is quick, efficient and truthful. A rare find in today’s market! If you are smart, you will go with Robbie!

-Kate Byars

Robbie was a great realtor! He was kind, understanding and very knowledgeable. He knew we wanted to buy based off school zones, did his research and knew about possible redistricting and helped us be aware. As transplants looking to move to Atlanta we knew we were in good hands. He found our house   while we were hours away and hit it out of the park.

-Morgan Kennedy

Robbie was our first realtor and I can honestly say we knocked it out of the park on our first swing. Well, Robbie knocked it out of the park. The market was nuts in the spring of 2018. The inventory was exceptionally low and prices unprecedentedly high.  Under these circumstances Robbie had to be   “on-call” nearly 24/7 (I promise he set aside a very respectable amount of time for family too) and had to be on his A-game when negotiating. He answered the call beautifully and never lost sight of our needs. When we were smitten by a high ceiling or Beltline adjacent location he kept us grounded and focused on the home that was just right for us. At the same time, he was quick to remind of us our stated wishes when we stood in the house that best met our criteria. This type of insight and how gracefully Robbie communicated it to us was gratefully appreciated.

Once we settled on a house, Robbie made the under-contract process as smooth as it could have been. We had several issues pop up during that period, as many do, but Robbie relentlessly worked with the selling realtor, lender, and third parties to get the deal done. My wife and I learned a ton during our first home buying experience, including that Robbie is one of the very, very best! Thanks, Robbie!

Robbie helped me get my house under contract in one day! He knows really good contractors to do the job and do it right. He arranged it so everything went smoothly and the contract closed in 30 days. Another plus is that he knew my neighborhood so we’ll. I highly recommend him.

I would highly recommend Robbie Harris. I was a first time homebuyer and Robbie happily walked me through the process and answered my questions. Robbie was incredibly responsive and was quick to take me to tour houses as soon as they hit the market. He quickly learned what I was looking for (and   what I didn’t want!) to help make the shopping process go smoothly and efficiently. Robbie has built a strong network and was able to recommend several wonderful people to guide me through my mortgage and home inspection. I am so pleased that I chose Robbie to be my realtor!

-Andrea McSmith

We can’t sing Robbie’s praises enough!!!

He found our first house with us back in 2015. We flew in for a weekend and he drove us all around Johns Creek, Alpharetta and Suwannee looking for our perfect home. We didn’t know too much about the area so he prepared folders packed with information along   with a printed sheet for each listing we were going to see that weekend. We found a great house in Johns Creek!

Fast forward to 2018 and two kids later, we out grew our old house and enlisted Robbie’s help again. He sold our home and found us the home of our dreams in Alpharetta.

Robbie’s strengths are communication (with us and with other realtors), organization, he is incredibly knowledgeable and most importantly he genuinely cares about his clients. Robbie has gone above and beyond for us and we would recommend him without hesitation to anyone looking to sell or purchase a home!

Robbie was extremely knowledgeable throughout the entire process of buying our first home. His laid back personality and confidence put us at ease! Would highly recommend Robbie to anyone looking to buy or sell.

We worked with Robbie in both the purchase of our new home and the sale of our first home, and we can’t recommend him highly enough!  Robbie went above and beyond for us in every way, from being available to answer questions and show us properties we were interested in, to working long hours to   make sure our offer was the best it could be. His communication skills and winning personality combined with his extensive knowledge and expertise proved invaluable in all areas, from negotiating a lower price for our new home, to saving us money in the sale of our first home. Robbie helped us interpret the fine print in a multiple offer situation, and ensured we had quick and easy sale of our home. We are so thankful we were able to work with Robbie, and he’ll be our first call the next time we are thinking of moving!

Robbie was so easy and fun to work with. He really knew the city and helped my wife and I think through the various pluses and minuses to various Atlanta neighborhoods. He was also very patient–walking through a couple dozen houses with us before we landed on the right house. Highly recommended!

I was a first-time homebuyer with very little knowledge of how the process worked, and Robbie made the entire thing easy and fun! He is incredibly knowledgeable about the neighborhoods in and around Atlanta, extremely responsive to all questions, and walks you through everything step by step. I   felt like he truly had my best interests in mind, and he was careful to never pressure me into a decision. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

-Kelcie Landon

Robbie is incredibly fun to work with and knows the housing market very well. My wife and I recently sold our Midtown condo we’d bought with Robbie 2 years and who else did we use for the sale? Robbie. He does a great job setting expectations and timelines, in addition to communicating every step.   I felt like we got a great price and leaned on Robbie heavily for guidance. 5/5 stars, highly recommend.

Robbie helped us quickly sell our home in Decatur, which enabled us to relocate to another state and purchase our dream home! The whole process working with Robbie was seamless from pre-listing to closing. He really knows the Decatur market so well. We had ultimate trust that Robbie always kept our   best interests at heart. He spent a considerable amount of time giving us feedback for pricing our home in this ever changing market and helped us make the best decisions on everything from upgrades/staging to final negotiations. Robbie walked us through every step and we could not be happier with the result.

-Michelle Postles

My husband and I were first time home buyers and Robbie made the whole process easy, fun and stress-free! As coincidence has it, Robbie lived in the same apartment complex that we were moving from so he was able to relate to our pain points and understood our style. After seeing a handful of   houses, it wasn’t long before Robbie tracked down our house before it went on the market! 100% would recommend 🙂

-Melody Meyer

Even though buying a home is wicked serious business I’m not gonna lie, I flirted with going it Realtor-less, having had mixed experiences in the past. Plus we were certain we knew exactly what+where we wanted, so what could go wrong, right? Fortunately we connected with Robbie and, in hindsight,   I’m convinced we would have put our dream home at risk had we not. He was instrumental in hammering out the seemingly endless details we had to navigate (quickly!) and was so prompt and on top of things we didn’t miss a beat and ended up exactly where we always wanted to live. We even had financial hurdles to clear and the sale of our previous home to navigate, and Robbie lined everything up perfectly. I’m positive we could not have done it without his insight, direction, guidance, referrals and resources. We feel like we hit the jackpot and have Robbie to thank for pulling it off without a hitch! I cannot recommend him and his peers enough! Thanks again!

We couldn’t be happier with having Robbie as our agent! Recently we both sold and bought a home in DeKalb County and Robbie did a fantastic job throughout the whole process. He went above and beyond doing extra research for all our many questions and provided solid guidance and advice during the   journey. Robbie is professional, knowledgeable, thorough and detail-oriented. We highly recommend Robbie to anyone looking for an agent in the Atlanta area!

-Stephanie Yeargan

We recently bought a home in Clarkston and worked with Robbie throughout the process.  While we have been in Atlanta for a few years, we were looking to work with a realtor who knew the market well and could help navigate through the process of buying a home here.  From the beginning, Robbie proved   to be a trusted advisor whose opinion we valued.  I am convinced that our experience would not have been as great had we not worked with Robbie!

We could not have been happier with Robbie as our agent! From the first meeting, it was clear that Robbie was exactly what we wanted in an agent. Being first time home-buyers, we had a ton of questions and Robbie answered every single one of them. He was always very quick to respond to any inquiry   or concern that came up during the process and we felt sure that he was there keeping everything running smoothly. We weren’t exactly sure what we wanted when we were touring homes, but Robbie was quick to pick up on things that we seemed to like and not like and helped us focus our search to get exactly what was best for our family. After the purchase completed (without any hiccoughs thanks to Robbie’s team!), he continues to be an excellent resource for all our new homeowner questions. We could not recommend him highly enough!

Robbie is truly amazing at what he does and totally invested in our lives and helped us through buying our first home in GA.  My husband and I were previous homeowners in MS, but my husband did most of the logistics with buying that house and I had know clue what all went into it. Fast forward 7   years later and here we are in Atlanta, with no family to help us through this process, my husband working full time while I stay home with our kids, and me being the one handling the process of buying our second home. I didn’t know where to start, but Robbie helped me along the way explaining in detail everything, and when I didn’t understand it the first time, he would explain it again. I never felt like I was asking a dumb question or bothering Robbie. He wanted to make sure I fully understood whatever we were talking about.

I love the fact that Robbie owns a home here in GA too and I could even ask him questions about his house and he would happily share with me. Robbie is very personable which we really love!  There were fearful and stressful moments that came up and I remember crying on the phone with him about my concerns. He heard me out on them. Told me to take time to think on it and never pressured us into anything that we weren’t absolutely sure of.

We feel like we have gained another friend through the process of Robbie helping us buy our home. I love how he always says “just because we close on a house, doesn’t mean you won’t hear from me. I am not going anywhere.” I know that I can continue to contact him with any questions we may have or any contractor recommendations we may need with our house. You will never go wrong in trusting Robbie Harris in helping you buy your house. He is simply the best!

-Laura Yawn

We were recommended to Robbie by close friends.  We met in a coffee shop for the first time and he had great insight for the process.  He set my wife and I at ease.  We were first time home buyers and he made the process easy for us.  Each step of the way he explained the different scenarios we ran   into.  He was very responsive and I never had to call or email a second time.  And our relationship didn’t end at the closing table.  We can still contact him for recommendations of contractors or neighborhood contacts.  I cannot recommend him enough to anyone that is looking for a personable and knowledgeable agent.

-Jason Hodges

Robbie has been an absolute pleasure to work with! He was honest, responsive and knowledgeable in the industry. I was a first time home buyer and my process started and closed within 30 days without a hiccup along the road. I would definitely recommend his services and for him to represent you on   your home buying process.

This was our first home buying experience and like most first time home buyers we were excited, but also scared since we have never been through this process before. Robbie took all those fears away and made buying our first home a breeze!!!

One of the first homes we saw with Robbie was a home we   knew would attract multiple buyers. It had many complexities for submitting an offer that Robbie took the time to explain to us. This house wanted no due diligence period & no contingencies. Naturally we didn’t know all the specifics of each contingency and why they are important. Being new home buyers we were excited about the house, but felt like we really got thrown into the home buying process rather quickly for the very first house we saw. Robbie could tell the house made us a bit overwhelmed, but instead of insisting we make a offer he took the time to explain to us why contingencies are important and how they protect us. While we loved the house there was too much risk and we decided it was better to move on to the next house. I’m so happy we did! I think it says a lot about an agent who is more interested in protecting their client than making a quick dollar.

We ultimately saw a few more houses with Robbie and fell in love with a house in our dream neighborhood, it needed some TLC but we were OK with that. However the house also needed some negotiating as the price was a bit high for the amount of work needed. Once we submitted our offer we learned the house also had its own obstacles. It was an agent owner and was a family estate, so multiple family members to negotiate with. The negotiation process can sometimes be daunting, but negotiating with multiple people is even more complex. Robbie was in constant contact with us updating us after each call with the sellers and checking in on us to make sure weren’t stressing out too much! After much negotiation our offer was accepted!

Robbie was extremely helpful through the due diligence period and the contingency periods. He helped us find all the necessary companies to do our inspection, financing and survey. He also helped us find qualified contractors for items that came up in our inspection; plumbers, electricians, pest control, you name it Robbie had a contact for it!

We made it to closing day, which was a breeze! Normally you might think “I probably won’t hear from my agent anymore”, but this is not the case with Robbie! He has checked in on us since closing, and responds immediately when I ask him him for additional contractor recommendations for various things we need fixing in our new home.

I am so thankful we had the privilege of working with Robbie. I don’t think we could have gotten a better agent! He is very responsive, knowledgeable and most importantly a great person, agent and friend!

-Melissa Dicus

Robbie is the best Real Estate agent in Atlanta, for sure. He was in it for the long haul with us with over a year and a half of searching for the right place for the right price. Robbie is a wonderful human being and a fantastic agent.

We had a great experience working with Robbie to buy our first house. As first-time buyers, Robbie was able to explain the process to us at our first meeting and throughout the process. Robbie was extremely responsive to all our questions and always answered us promptly. We were looking to buy   something very quickly and Robbie worked through both the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. We didn’t feel any pressure to buy and really felt like Robbie was looking after our interests.

Robbie was so helpful in both the buying and selling process for us. Before we even decided to sell, he provided us with a ton of comps and helped guide us in the right direction, consulting us on when to place our home on the market, why that timing was most logical, and what price point would be   best. He worked around the clock for us, often swinging by our home in the evening or taking phone calls when we were panicking about one thing or another. Robbie knows the Atlanta real estate market and helped us find the home of our dreams, yes even OTP.  He was firm through the negotiation process and was our rock through closing. We can’t recommend Robbie enough.

-Kyle Florence

Robbie was THE best!  He is incredibly knowledgeable and very insightful. He helped guide us through every step of buying our first home. We felt so lucky to have all his experience because it can be a very daunting process, but we never felt that way!  Robbie worked so hard from start to closing   to get us exactly what we wanted and make it all as easy on us as possible. We are so, so happy to have found everything we wanted in our first home and really owe it all to him!

Robbie is a great agent to have on your side while buying or selling or a house.  Even though our budget for an investment house was very small, we never felt like were any less of a priority to him, and he still worked incredibly hard for us.  We changed the location and the budget we were looking   at, and he remained patient and helpful until the end of closing day.

If Robbie doesn’t know something, he’ll take the time to consult with experts who do, so take solace in knowing he won’t just come up with any response just to get you out of the way.

I would definitely use Robbie again for future purchases or sales, and you should too!

-Adam Bruckman

Robbie help me sell my house in Duluth recently. The amazing level of expertise, knowledge, attention to details and hard work that Robbie provided was impeccable. The house was on the market no more than minutes before we received multiple request for viewings and was under contract in less than 3   days. Plus the house sold above asking price. I trust Robbie with all my future buying and selling of homes.

Update: Robbie also helped sold my townhouse in Decatur and was instrumental in assisting me in buying a new semi-custom home in Decatur as well. The townhouse was sold quickly after multiple interests and bids. As any new build homes, there were lots of ups and downs and delays. But Robbie was fantastic at helping me with the entire process of communication with the builder. I would definitely use Robbie in all my future home buys and sells.

I worked with Robbie for about a year and a half before I found my home. He is one of the most patient, gracious, trustworthy, and kind people, and was an absolute joy to work with. His experience was invaluable when it came to helping me find the right home for my needs, and especially when it   came time for contract negotiations. I absolutely knew at all times I was being represented very well, which is something I really value in a realtor. If you are buying or selling a house, I think you’ll be very glad you chose Robbie as your realtor. I know I am!

Robbie Harris did an outstanding job representing my wife and me in  the sale of a condominium we owned.  As a result of his research and suggestions for preparing the property, we asked a very good price.  And then we actually received an offer above our asking price!  He is personable and   approachable. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

-Ed Phillips

My husband and I bought our first house with Robbie, and the experience couldn’t have been better. As first-timers, we were very nervous about every step of the process, and Robbie helped us understand what was going on and feel confident about our decisions. He was there to answer our questions   whenever we called, even if we’d already asked and just wanted to hear him explain it yet again. On home tours, he pointed out things we wouldn’t have even known to ask about, good and bad. He’s also very well-connected and knew about homes that were about to hit the market, which turned out to be very useful considering how many times a house got snatched up within days of being listed. We’d recommend Robbie to anyone who asks!

We couldn’t more strongly recommend Robbie Harris as a real estate agent. He’s more than an agent– he’s an advocate. He listens carefully to what you want and tries to match and pair you with the best available options. He also knows when to push you to consider options you might not have   considered. In an era where professional follow-through is a forgotten art, Robbie always did what he said he would do and when he said he would do it. We could trust him to always put our interests first. He has a great network of financiers, insurance agents, inspectors, attorneys, insurance agents, handymen. As first time home buyers, we needed someone patient enough to help us learn the process. Robbie was a great teacher!

-Tim Moore

Robbie Harris was referred to me by my mortgage broker, and he was extremely helpful in helping me find the right home for me. He worked with me on my timeline, and when I found the perfect place, he helped me put in the right offer quickly. In a time when homes in my price range were going under   contract as soon as they hit the market, he guided me to make the offer that was accepted!  He worked with other realtors in the area to find comps to make sure my closing would be a success. Robbie is also very easy to work with, I felt like we clicked and it was like my friend was helping me through this process. All in all Robbie made my home buying experience positive and stress free. I can’t recommend him enough!!

Settling an estate, especially when it’s that of your parents, is never an easy task. I couldn’t have asked for a better realtor than Robbie in this instance. He understood and was sympathetic to the emotional turmoil with which I was dealing in the wake of my parents’ death, and he tried to make   this part of the estate work as easy and as painless as possible. He handled the listing, the showings and all the negotiation professionally but at the same time I felt like he really cared about the outcome and wanted to make this an easy transition for me. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor, whether buying or selling – you couldn’t ask for someone more honest and good natured to help with probably one of the most important decisions of anyone’s life.

-Lizbeth Dison

Without a doubt, I had the best house buying experience, and it’s all because of Robbie Harris. Our process started out with Robbie sitting down with my husband and I to hear more about what we’re looking for, what our non-negotiables were in a home, location, budget, timing of us moving, etc. He   extracted all that info and literally found us the perfect home, in the perfect time. When we were in the negotiating process, he was attentive to every detail to ensure we were making the right move. He genuinely cares about his clients, and only aims to serve them with integrity and sharp knowledge of the field. I highly recommend Robbie Harris as your #1 realtor in Atlanta!

Robbie is very personable, knowledgeable, detail oriented, and highly responsive! Throughout the entire process we never questioned that Robbie had our family’s best interest at heart. He was quick to provide great recommendations of properties that we should see, faithful to point out the good   aspects, as well as those that might represent a particular challenge on homes that we did see, and was on our timeline from end to end in our journey to a new home. Robbie is our realtor for life for the wonderful experience he offered, and I would recommend him to any and every one.

Robbie was fantastic to work with!  We were buying our first home, and he did an amazing job of guiding us through the process, finding home options in the area we were interested in, and helping us to negotiate when we finally found the one.  He was always responsive and flexible with timing when   we wanted to look at homes, and his knowledge and recommendations all came in-handy and gave us the piece-of-mind we needed when making such a big decision.  We cannot say enough good things about him and would work with him again in a heartbeat.

-J Raymond Smith

Robbie was an incredible realtor to work with.  My wife and I, being as indecisive as we are needed someone as patent as Robbie to help us find a great fit.  He never tried to convince us that a house was right for us just to make a sale, but instead helped us work through the pros and cons.  Every   house we considered he pulled thorough comps and helped us come up with a offer price we felt comfortable with. He helped us consider different areas that we hadn’t thought of, and just process in general what we were looking for.  Robbie was very responsive, always trying to get us in to see a house as soon as possible to be competitive in a fast moving market.  During walk throughs he would point out both the good and the bad things.  During due diligence Robbie went above and beyond to assist with getting inspections done, and also with follow up investigations.  We pulled out of one offer related to due diligence and Robbie was completely supportive of that decision and didn’t seem frustrated after going through all the work to get to that point.  Lastly, Robbie always knew exactly how to write up offers and provide paperwork, counter offers, and process questions.  I highly recommend Robbie for people who want someone patient and thorough, who honestly cares about clients and operates with integrity in every step of the process.

-Robb Giordano

My wife and I are first time homebuyers and wanted to make sure we went through the process smoothly.  Robbie was the perfect agent for us.  He knew the community extremely well and was responsive to us at all times via text, email, or phone.  He even visited houses for us while we were out of   town, then let us know if we should be interested.

We were very hands on, selecting the homes we wanted to see and Robbie let us fly while also pointing out the ones that we really shouldn’t see given our preferences.  While buying a home is never easy, Robbie made it as easy as it can be.  And, we certainly did our due diligence when selecting agents, mortgage brokers, inspectors, etc.  Robbie was great for us, does amazing work, has a great network around him, and will do a wonderful job for you too.

I highly recommend him to you and we will be using him again.

We had the best experience with Robbie. As first time homebuyers, he walked us through every step of the way. He definitely did all that he could to make us feel at ease with each decision we made throughout the process. No matter what form of communication (email, text, phone) or what time of day,   Robbie was extremely prompt on responding. He also was an awesome listener. He paid attention to what we liked and what we didn’t like in order to make the most of our house tours. Robbie had great knowledge of the ITP market as well. He always acted as our advocate, and gave great advice. He also was very careful to advise us during the negotiation, but to ultimately leave the decision in our hands. He is extremely ethical and honest, which made my husband and I much more comfortable with the process. We love our new home, and cannot thank Robbie enough for making it happen!

We recently moved from Nevada to the Atlanta area   With a house for sale in Nevada, getting our children enrolled in new schools, and trying to identify the ideal area around Atlanta to call home, there were many stressful moments.  However, Robbie truly made the new home shopping and home-buying   portion of our move as stress free and enjoyable as we have ever experienced.   Robbie is knowledgeable, professional, organized, cheerful, and courteous.  He always considered, and worked around our schedules when organizing long days of house hunting.  Always on-time, he would arrive happy and ready to get each of those days started.   Throughout the process, Robbie made himself available to us whenever we had a question, and he responded to every text, email, and phone call with little to no delay from day one, till…well, even now.

Robbie consistently captured details (pros and possible cons) about each home that we visited, and would bring them to our attention in a helpful and objective manner.  Robbie is absolutely committed to helping his clients find  their “perfect” home.    With his guidance, knowledge, dedication, good cheer, and endless patience, we are now living in “our perfect home”.  Thank you Robbie!

Robbie’s a great agent!  I was fortunate to meet him at an open house and he impressed  me right away with his openness and friendliness.  He has a broad background, thorough knowledge of his business and the area, and people-oriented personality that make him superbly suited for this demanding   work.  He’s very attentive and has a knack for putting himself in the client’s shoes–I really felt like he was working *for me* and trying to make things easier every step of the way.  We’re very pleased with the home we found and the service Robbie provided.

Professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. I can’t say enough good things about him. Was never impatient or pretentious regarding questions. Always responded quickly to inquiries and concerns.

Robbie helped me buy my first home. I chose him from several other relators I knew, and I couldn’t have been happier with my decision! Robbie was excellent at guiding me through every step of the process, advising on negotiations and recommending other contractors and experts to help in the   process.  He made the process easy and simple! Robbie seems to really value understanding his client so he can tailor the process to their needs.  His passion for what he does and helping his clients really shows. I would highly recommend Robbie to any of my family or friends who are looking to buy or sell a home.

My husband Wayne and I hired Robbie Harris  to be the realtor that would sell our home because he lived in our neighborhood and we had also known him from our church. We couldn’t be more pleased with our decision. From the moment we began our journey with Rob, he proved to be extremely   knowledgeable and professional. He paid attention to detail and offered suggestions that we had not thought of when preparing our home for showings. He went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied with every decision all along the way. We had some unexpected delays that were out of his control, but he handled every situation with patience and offered peaceful guidance that was not the least bit pressuring. He persevered with showing and marketing our home from the first day we put it on the market until we had our third and final contract. We actually closed this afternoon and we couldn’t have arrived at this day without the help of our terrific realtor Robbie Harris! We love Rob and we know he will treat all of his clients with the same respect, professionalism, and genuine concern for others as he did for us.

We reached out to Robbie based on a friend’s recommendation, and we are so glad we did! As first-time homebuyers, the process seemed overwhelming but Robbie was helpful and communicative the whole way through. He is extremely well-informed about the Atlanta market and asked us a lot of questions to   make sure he understood what we were looking for. He gave his opinions when we asked for them but was never pushy—we felt that we could move at a pace that was comfortable for us. We appreciated his thoroughness during every part of the process, from sending us comps to outlining detailed next steps when we were under contract. Robbie truly went above and beyond for us and we could not recommend him enough!

Robbie helped me find and buy my new home in Medlock Park. This is the first house I have purchased and the first home that I have owned in the Atlanta area. I am very pleased with the purchase, and I would highly recommend anyone in a similar situation to mine to consider working with Robbie.


One   of Robbie’s strengths is his patience. I felt the liberty to take my time to find a home that matched what I was looking for in a number of different criteria. i also felt the liberty to explore all of my options thoroughly before making a decision. All through the process Robbie provided helpful information without hurrying me. My comfort level with my purchase was more of a priority for him than closing a deal quickly, and this is obviously not something that can be said of every realtor.


Another of Robbie’s strong points is his honesty and trustworthiness. He did not hesitate to point out aspects of some properties we looked at that he thought were negative. He was candid about both good and bad points of locations, situations, neighborhoods, etc. I was confident throughout that if I had wanted to buy a property that Robbie thought was priced too high, he would have discouraged me from doing so. Again, this is a valuable quality to find in a realtor.

Robbie helped my wife and I purchase our first home in Atlanta. His knowledge of many areas was refreshing, especially since I am relatively new to Atlanta. Throughout the entire process, Robbie made it clear that he had our best interest in mind. I would highly recommend letting Robbie help you   find your new home!

Robbie is very thorough and knowledgeable when discussing the Atlanta market.  He has a great arsenal of contractors and inspectors, and made the entire buying process very easy.  The one thing that really stuck out to me about Robbie is that he listened to our input first and foremost then   provided feedback.  This hasn’t always been my experience with real estate professionals, and Robbie surpassed all of my expectations.  For a couple that needed some hand-holding, Robbie was very patient and great at setting realistic expectations for us.  Lastly, Robbie was able to negotiate our amendments, and saved us a lot of money in dealing with HOA docs and other contracts.  I highly recommend Robbie Harris to anyone looking to buy/sell/rent, and we certainly plan to use him again in the future.

Robbie recently helped us purchase a home in the East Lake area. He couldn’t have been more knowledgable of the neighborhood and was always available to answer any questions we had.  His level of communication and professionalism made this important decision both peaceful and overwhelmingly   satisfying in the end. I highly recommend his services!

My wife and I have known Robbie for a long time now. When we began our home search Robbie was very open to helping us move at our own pace because we were unsure how quickly we wanted to jump into purchasing a home. He was very helpful in setting up showings and finding listings that fit our   criteria. He was also very helpful during the due diligence process in providing referrals for all odds and ends that needed to be completed before closing. I would highly recommend Robbie to anyone in the market for a home or for those selling as well.

-Ryan Gilleland

Robbie Harris is everything that you want in a realtor – excellent knowledge of Atlanta, quick responsiveness to questions and concerns and consistent, dependable and professional service at every step of the house purchase process.

My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Robbie Harris as   our realtor and guide through the sometimes difficult process of finding a home. Robbie did a great job understanding and finding a way to meet our needs in a home which included a relatively small budget.

Robbie served as an excellent guide, opening our minds to many great opportunities and even gently coercing us away from “just finding a place to rent” because we were having a difficult time finding a decent place in Atlanta to purchase given our budget.

We are now on the other side of the process and have found a beautiful home that both met our budget and got us pretty much everything we were looking for and Robbie was the one who first found and suggested this house for us to look at (even though we were regularly combing through the Realtor and Zillow websites everyday).

Robbie did a great job through the negotiation process as well as through all of the inspections, due diligence and communication with the seller. He was quick to help us cover meetings with contractors and inspectors during times that we had difficulty getting away from work and Robbie also followed up on our emails, phone calls or texts almost immediately no matter what time of day it was.

I would highly recommend Robbie to anyone looking for a great realtor who will guide you through the process with a steady hand and the wisdom of a professional.

-Will Melton

I recently had the pleasure of working with Robbie on selling my house and purchasing a new house in a very short time frame. Robbie came to the table with extensive knowledge about what services he provides, local area pricing and a keen understanding of how to sell homes quickly and   get the most out of that sale.

Our house sold in 1 day and I believe that was because Robbie guided us in what we needed to do to get it ready to place on the market. He made recommendations on staging, pricing and also constantly guided us through the next steps.

In addition, he helped us find our next house and walked us through that process to make it as easy as possible.

In short, I highly recommend working with Robbie on your next house sale/purchase as you won’t be disappointed.

-Jeremy Dickens

Robbie Harris has a level of integrity that is hard to come by these days. He truly wants what is best for his clients and never waivers. While house hunting for my first home, to say that I was a bit out of sorts is an understatement. Unchartered waters left me experiencing anxiety that I had not   known before. Robbie was an AMAZING sounding board and voice of reason. I never felt anything other than respected and cared for. I never felt like a number or just a means to an end. A process that could have likely turned into one headache after the next was surprisingly pleasant due to Robbie’s steady hand and nature. He made himself very  available and I never once sat around waiting and waiting for him to get back to me on the off chance that he did not answer the phone on the first attempt or flip an emailed response very quickly. Robbie offers the most genuine client service and will take care of you and your family. He is AWESOME!

When we worked with Robbie, he was still a fairly new realtor, but we cannot stress highly enough how wonderful of an experience it was to work with him. Robbie proved his knowledge of the market and connections in the industry time after time — and probably the highest praise/proof of this was   when the listing agent for the house we ended up purchasing complimented Robbie as the best realtor she’s ever worked with and how she was ready in a heartbeat to work with him again because of how wisely he navigated the offer and negotiating processes. Obviously, we’ve only worked with Robbie, so it was affirming to hear our exact sentiments echoed from the professional standpoint.

Robbie is also one of the most pleasant and good-natured people, which made working with him an upbeat experience. He is not one to push or pressure, he listens well, he responds quickly and thoroughly, he’s always a step ahead of the game in navigating the market and making sure everything is happening on the right timeframe. AND, as I mentioned to him personally, he always responds with patience as often as needed when those of us highly needy and confused homebuyers pepper him with the entire range of possible questions.

This was our first home purchase, and while we started off feeling totally green and unsure of if/how to proceed, we finished off confidently with the keys to the first home of our dreams thanks to Robbie Harris.

-Katherine Clev

My husband and I recently relocated from Arizona to Georgia. We were referred to Robbie from my brother in law. We contact Robbie & planned a house-hunting trip. Robbie spent a full Saturday and Sunday driving us around to a dozen or so different houses in the Alpharetta area.

Robbie was totally   organized & had a folder with tons of info on the area, schools and a complete list of all of the homes we were looking at that weekend. We LOVED his organization & genuine care in helping us find a house. We ended up finding a house that weekend & completed the rest of the buying process from Arizona. Robbie was ALWAYS available when we had questions or concerns (regardless of the time difference)…he was truly a breath of fresh air during the crazy home buying process.

My husband and I HIGHLY recommend Robbie to anyone who is buying or selling their home. He is absolutely wonderful at what he does and is a genuinely kind person. Thank you Robbie!!

My husband and I have known Robbie for many years so when he went into real estate we knew he would be great at it. Luckily, we were ready to purchase our first house just a year after he started and as expected, he was wonderful to work with. When buying a home there are a few key things to look   for in an agent: attention to detail, communication, knowledge of the market (or connections that do), negotiation skills and patience are just a few of these. Robbie strives in these areas! We were looking for a home outside the city and both work full time in the city-Robbie braved rush hour Atlanta traffic with us to show us homes after work until it was too dark to see the houses. He goes out of his way to assist clients and makes home-searching and buying a fun and exciting. I felt 100% comfortable letting him handle the process as a first-time homebuyer without questioning the process-even while reading articles/books about buying since it was our first time. He was always a step ahead of us 🙂 Thanks Robbie for making our home purchase the best decision ever!

-Becky Nollner

Had a great experience with Robbie!

He was very helpful in communicating with all parties involved on our behalf, addressing any concerns that came up, and was always timely for appointments.

He also had a good knowledge of contacts to reach out to along the way for help on the property   before and after closing.

-Thomas Bell

If you are looking for a place in the Metro Atlanta area, then Robbie is your guy.  What sets Robbie apart from other agents is his attention to detail and commitment to craft.  He is very personable and goes above and beyond to get the job done.  The first time that I ever spoke with Robbie, he   was on the road headed to a family vacation and he pulled over on the side of the road to help me put an offer in on a house!  Now that’s being accessible!! Ultimately Robbie helped my wife and I purchase our first home and the experience was out of this world!  Look no further, you have found your agent!

Robbie Harris was such a joy to work with and a big help through the entire process of buying our first home.  We began looking at potential properties back in May, but my husband and I were still on the fence on exactly where we wanted to buy and lay down roots.  Robbie’s patience and guidance as   we went back and forth between several suburbs in Gwinnett County kept us confident to go after the location and house we wanted.

We went through multiple offers and on several homes that unfortunately fell through before we found our dream home.  Robbie’s patience and understanding of our frustration is kept us motivated through our entire experience.  He was always willing and ready to answer questions and go out of his way to give us the confidence and courage we needed to get the home we wanted.  I would highly recommend Robbie for any home buy-either first time buyer or a buying pro!

We started our home buying process with another agent which turned into a difficult and stressful season. Being first time home buyers, we were highly discouraged and extremely skeptical of agents. I knew Robbie through mutual friends years ago, and another good friend recommended we use him. I am   so thankful we did! Honesty, going-the-extra-mile, and communication is what I think of while working with Robbie. He went out of his way to answer our questions, search and search for the perfect house, and clarify important things we didn’t even realize we needed clarified! Everything was so smooth during our closing process. We always felt Robbie had our best interest in mind. We would highly recommend using him as your agent!

My wife and I had a fantastic experience working with Robbie. He was extremely responsive, and from our initial conversations quickly understood what was important to us and what we were looking for. He was especially impressive at remembering and understanding those little details that you can’t   always tailor searches by.

He is also an expert in his field. I was quite daunted and overwhelmed by all of the unknowns and logistics and paperwork involved in buying a home. He put our fears to rest and walked us through everything in a way that was easy to understand and kept us on track.

From his rapid fire responses, to his patience and accommodating style, Robbie was truly a pleasure to work with. We are recommending him to all our friends!!

Robbie was a pleasure to work with. He always responded quickly and kept our needs as his top priority. He was able to get us multiple offers within 2 days. Robbie is a true professional.

-Allison Anderson

I can’t think of a more personal purchase than a home and Robbie does a fantastic job of maintaining the human element in the midst of all the negotiations, contracts, and money talk. Throughout the whole process, I never once doubted he had our best interest in mind. As first time home buyers, we   had a lot to learn and Robbie’s guidance was invaluable.

-Melissa Shoemake

Robbie helped us sale our house in 1 week but he did so much more than that.  He was there every step of the way.  He was very responsive and professional at all times.  He has a great attitude.  He makes you feel like you are his most important client.  I can’t recommend him high enough.  After he   sold our house for us I recommended him to another friend and relative.  Both are very happy with how Robbie has helped them.  I will use Robbie next time when it is time to sell our other house.

Robbie helped us find our dream home and made the whole process so easy and pleasurable for us. Robbie asked us the right questions in order for him to really understand what we wanted in a home and a neighborhood. When we were looking at homes he would listen to what critiques we had of the house   and wrote them down, he would always ask us what we liked and what we didn’t or what we would change of the house.  He really worked hard on finding something that fit both my husbands and I demands. Robbie is knowledgeable about the market and all the areas we were looking at. He made sure to always do research before we looked at the house in order for us not to waste time. He is responsive 100% of the time and never left us, the sellers agents or bank waiting. Choose Robbie Harris has a agent to find your new home and you will not be sorry.

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