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I recently sold my home with Mackenzie Towles; we had it listed about 2 months.  I did not know Mackenzie prior to putting my house up for sale; she cold called me, something I usually reject from sales people.  After hearing what she had to say I decided to call her back to discuss selling my house.  I was getting ready to put it on the market, so her timing in calling me was propitious.  I have never hired a real estate agent before without first ‘knowing them” and without them having had many years experience, but Mackenzie had a very upbeat, willing attitude which made me want to try her.

Mackenzie is the best realtor I have ever worked with!  Besides her upbeat, positive personality, she extended herself to make any and everything happen that I wanted.  It was not always easy, but she gave it her all.  She was not stuck in her ways about selling homes – she would listen to my desires, and then do whatever it took to make things happen the way I wanted.  She knew everything that had to be done, and understood all the numbers we were dealing with.

She stayed in touch with me, always returning calls or texts in short order.  She was always on time, and she always turned out all my lights after the showing – most realtors seem to turn off a few, and then they leave.  Lastly, she scheduled every resource I needed: handyman for inspection repairs, upcoming cleaning crew, etc………  she made it so that I barely had to think!!

All & all, she was a complete pleasure to work with, and I have no doubt that she will be highly successful marketing homes.


Ashley Backman

I’m only a couple years out of college so sometimes when I see my friends in a professional setting it’s kind of hard to take them seriously. This was not the case at all with Mackenzie who I’ve been friends with since middle school.

In terms of realty and market knowledge she was wise beyond her years of experience. She had the answers to every specific question that could be posed by us as potential buyers before we could think to ask them. She was realistic and honest about what she was showing us and even if I hadn’t already known her, I would quickly be assured by her demeanor and personality that she was both trustworthy and would be entirely transparent about the property we were interested in.

She worked tirelessly, far beyond normal business hours, for weeks to be in constant communications with us and the sellers’ agent. She was quick to offer up recommendations for outside contractors (inspectors, exterminators, etc.) whom she had repetitively worked with and knew to be as reliable as she is.

Mackenzie made the buying process an easy one and with her we were more than confident we were making the right move and that all our bases were covered – it was also cool seeing a friend in action doing so well at what she does!

-Wils Davis

I’m pleased to endorse Realtor Mackenzie Whitney who helped my wife and me during our recent home buying adventures in Atlanta. We were new to the area, and I told Mackenzie that I thought we might be the clients from hell as we were likely to take a long time exploring the huge metropolis and deciding where and when to make an offer. So many choices. Mackenzie understood immediately, reassured us that she would not pressure us into purchasing a property we were less than certain about, and that the most important thing was that we be happy with our choice. Many weeks and many showings later we found the place we now happily live in. Mackenzie helped with the many details including referrals to inspectors, HVAC and roofing contractors, and others we need on the way to signing. What I appreciated most about Mackenzie’s help than all her other help was her consistency. She was responsive to all of our inquiries, she sought more information if she didn’t have immediate answers to our questions, and she was always enthusiastic and cheerful. We are happy to recommend her to other home buyers.

Brant Goode & Erica Brown

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for all of your efforts in 2015 regarding the sale of our home and the purchase of a new home.  You did such an excellent job all the way through the process – I don’t know that we could have made it happen without you.

It started with us trying to find a smaller home that we wanted to move to.  You listened so well to the items we were looking for, and I knew each day you reviewed any new homes on the market and quickly communicated with us as any came available that we may like.  Your ideas, excitement, and determination helped keep us going through one house after another, as you continued to smile and say “Let’s just keep looking!”  We truly felt that you wanted us to find only the best thing for us and settle for nothing less.  Once we found the home we wanted, your professionalism and knowledge of the market helped us to get the home we wanted and work through all of the details in the contract and the due diligence.

I also can’t say enough about your professionalism, vision, and determination in the sale of our home.  You gave such good suggestions on better ways to present  our home, and the staging you did in some of the areas was amazing.  The photos were excellent and amazing quality, and they made our home look beautiful!  I know selling and buying are both highly emotional times, and you did a great job of keeping everything calm and focused on the end result.  The brochures and marketing that you did on our home were first class, and of course, the fact that it sold quickly at a price we could all agree on was terrific.

The closings on both homes went very smoothly, as you prepared us well each step of the way.  Whenever we meet someone selling or buying a home, you can be sure you will be the ones we tell them to call!

Have a great 2016!


Cathy and Don

We are thrilled to be in our new home! You have done a fantastic job and are a pleasure to work with. I already have and will continue to sing your praises and send people your way. Thank you!

Ryan & Shelley Turner

Mackenzie and Ginger are two amazing real estate agents to work with that provide excellent customer service.  Their friendly and professional manner makes one immediately comfortable with being able to discuss the details of your home sale.  Throughout the process they were eager and willing to do whatever is needed to make you, the customer, feel supported and at ease about the selling process.  The home sale went incredibly smooth and the “memory book,” with the amazing professional photos of my home for sale, were a great keepsake and example of the level of service they provide.

Cinthia Hamilton

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