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About Charlotte Perry

Charlotte Perry was raised in Atlanta to a real estate family. Her great grandfather started the oldest continuing real estate firm in North Carolina and her mother is an original Beacham agent. Charlotte attended The Baylor School in Chattanooga, Tennessee before matriculating to the University of Alabama and the University of Georgia, graduating on the dean’s list with honors.

Immediately upon graduating, Charlotte moved to New York to pursue a real estate career where her focus was Manhattan. She spent time on a three-person team at Douglas Elliman and then as an individual agent at The Next Step Realty, where she was the top new agent.  After living in New York, gaining invaluable experience and finding success in real estate, Charlotte decided to move back to Atlanta. Though New York is home to some of the most incredible real estate in the world, Atlanta is where she considers home. She is beyond excited to bring her enthusiasm and knowledge of real estate to Atlanta, where she will work on a team with her mother, Douglas Perry.

Charlotte has a passion for real estate and studies the market vigorously. She has a tremendous work ethic and holds her clients best interest at heart. She is extremely mindful that purchasing a house is often a person’s largest asset. Charlotte is excited to continue her career in real estate in the city she loves and looks forward to turning transactions in to relationships.

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