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 “Chad, I look forward to the day {we do a deal}! Kick ass in school and business.”

-Mark Cuban, Billionaire Entrepreneur

“{Chad} is truly remarkable and is already making a difference in the world despite his young age. I am confident he will continue to bring pride to his family, school, community and state.”

-Governor Nathan Deal

“Chad, your professionalism and passion continue to impress me!”

-Dana Spinola, Founder & CEO of fab’rik

“I love Chad’s tenacity and enthusiasm!”

-James Harris, Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

“When I met Chad, I could tell he was a high achiever with a wealth of knowledge. However, his willingness to share that knowledge is what truly defines him as a great businessmen. Chad uses hard work and unyielding persistence to get things done and his diverse track record of success speaks to that. No matter how busy his track record makes him out to be, he always finds time to answer questions and serve his clients with excellence. I highly recommend working with Chad and will continue to do so for many years.”

-Chris Nunn, Founder of TownTrotter

“Chad is diligent and sharp in every aspect of business. He has an ability to connect and help in ways few others can.”

-Trevor Kieboom, Certified MLB Agent

“I’ve known Chad for about two years now and in that short amount of time It has become completely evident that he’s a go getter. He’s incredibly knowledgeable with branding and he’s got a very well developed business sense. His input and opinion are always beneficial and insightful; pretty amazing for such a young guy. Chad’s networking abilities, marketing sense, and business aptitude are very well developed. I’m looking forward to seeing how far he goes.”

-Davis Carbo

“Chad has an ambition and work ethic like no one I’ve ever seen. His mind has always been focused on achieving great things as well as giving back to the community and I admire him for that. Throughout the years Chad has passed along opportunities that have helped me grow and get to the place where I am in my career today. Chad is a great person to know!”

-Daniel Narea

“Chad is an extremely advantageous entrepreneur that is always looking to defeat the odds in the eyes of challenge! His charisma and tenacity are his most admirable qualities in my opinion! Overall, he is very effective communicator and can always be accounted for when it comes to a fun time meeting outside of the office!”

-Emily Justice

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