On Trend: Playful Patterns

Posted on September 11, 2020

Patterns give the eye a place to go, and the key to implementing them is moderation and balance. Start by creating an inviting space using different elements such as bold colors, custom-designed or antique furniture and dramatic light fixtures. Once the vital elements are in play, it’s time to pick patterns! Try not to overpower a space, instead add depth and visual interest by deliberately placing patterns on walls, in art, furniture upholstery or decorative objects. Layering patterns with complimentary colors and textures allows for a sequence that creates a cohesive story.

There is a pattern to fit everyone’s style— from florals and stripes, to polka dots and abstract designs, you’re sure to find a favorite. Applying wallpaper isn’t the only way to follow this trend, feel free to explore in textiles, paint, wood paneling or printed photographs. In choosing the right pattern, ensure that it reflects the vibe of your space. You don’t always need to match each color represented because that’s what makes it interesting! Whether it’s a floral headboard contrasting against a striped wall, or printed wallpaper with a black and white checkered floor, the options are endless.