Buckhead Makes the Cut

Posted on August 14, 2020

On July 1st, 2020, 54 Pharr Road became home to Buckhead’s first ever butcher shop. The Buckhead Butcher Shop storefront exterior stands out with a unique matte black paint job paired with a large glossy gold lettered sign. The interior is just as aesthetically pleasing with floating shelves lining the walls harboring colorful boxes of seasonings, sauces, jams and assortments of cheese. The brightly lit refrigerated displays showcase their high-end products, all while starkly contrasting against the dark glossy walls. Who knew a butcher shop could be so chic?

Buckhead Butcher Shop owner, Lovett graduate and Atlanta native, Connor Boney, is no meat newbie. Connor is co-owner of Revere Meat Company, a full service specialty meat and seafood company. But what triggered the formation of Buckhead’s first ever butcher shop smack dab in the middle of a pandemic? Boney said “At Revere, when COVID first hit, we found ourselves in a spot with closed restaurants, big box retailers that couldn’t keep up with demand, and a warehouse full of product. So, we started selling directly to the consumer out of a truck in my driveway.” The demand grew so fast, soon his customers were waiting up to two hours in line on his neighborhood street. The answer was clear, open up a retail shop.

Creating a clean and inviting atmosphere was the primary driver behind Boney’s store design. “I wanted the butcher shop to match the feel and energy of the area it is in, Buckhead. It was important to me that it stand apart from the original butcher shop stigma of being cluttered and confusing,” said Boney. On top of the overall design, another major difference is the in-store customer experience. Not only does the shop sell some of the region’s finest cuts, but their customer service is unparalleled in that they provide clientele with individual counsel. A team of culinary experts including former chefs and foodservice managers were hired to run the day-to-day store operations. Boney explains, “I wanted our consumers to be met by someone who wants to share their culinary passion with you, to feel welcome and comfortable in the store, yet be challenged and pushed down their culinary path.” The shop’s boutique experience is simply unrivaled.

One month in, and the shop has seen a steady stream of foot traffic from the Buckhead community. Boney has future plans to expand the shop’s services down the line and offer cooking demonstrations (both in-store and at homes), charcuterie board creations, online/curbside pick-up and launch out of state mailing shipments. Keep up with the Buckhead Butcher Shop via their instagram account, @buckheadbutcheshop.