Keeping it Real Estate: At Home with Katie Reynolds

Posted on February 19, 2020

Katie Reynold’s entrepreneurial spirit and previous design career quickly catapulted her into becoming one of Beacham’s top producers. Her global perspective, professionalism and customer service expertise allows for an unparalleled client experience.

Growing up in Little Rock, Arkansas with a dad who worked as a residential developer, Katie became immersed in the industry at a young age, quickly falling in love with architecture. Going on to The University of Arkansas, she obtained a degree in interior design and moved to Texas where she launched her hospitality design career. Spending her earlier years traveling the world working with high-end names like The Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, Marriott, Hilton and additional boutique brands; overtime nurturing her love of design even further. Once she decided to settle down she opened her own residential design firm which led to a collaboration with a major national retailer and paint company as a color and design expert. Throughout the partnership she appeared on several national home and design shows including HGTV, TLC and even the Food Network.  Katie’s career path was organic; nothing she had ever planned for, but everything fell perfectly into place.

Six years ago Katie moved from Dallas to Atlanta and wanted a change of pace from strictly designing. With a deep appreciation for real estate and her long history of buying and renovating, she knew this career was the next chapter in her story. Katie prides herself in being able to connect with her clients on both a personal and professional level. Knowing firsthand the struggles of moving to a new city, Katie can easily put herself in her clients shoes. She understands the importance in choosing the right neighborhood, school and lifestyle from her personal experiences.

Real estate is your second career, can you tell us a little about your first?

“I practiced interior design for over 15 years and have always had an appreciation for beautiful houses.  In my first career I was creating these beautiful spaces and now I get to appreciate them from the perspective of selling real estate.  I love helping people complete and create their ‘vision’ for what they want for their home and understand value.  I specialize in helping my clients envision things that they didn’t think were possible and open their minds to possibilities of renovations.  My previous career was all about excellence in serving my clients with passion and a clear vision, and I have carried this over into my career in real estate.”

Why do you broker with Beacham?

“Beacham sets the tone for my personal brand. The quality of service, level of marketing and their distinctive ‘look’ all fall in line with exactly who I am as a person and agent; both in my previous career and now. When I introduce myself to clients I lead with Beacham because it’s such a well respected name in Atlanta real estate.  The Beacham brand is all about luxury as a level of service and leading with integrity- if you start there, you can’t go wrong.  At Beacham I am shoulder to shoulder with a network of the best agents who both inspire and support me.  From day one walking in the doors as a new agent, everyone at Beacham has been so welcoming and supportive.”

As an expert in the Chastain Park area, what advice do you give potential clients?

“Working with someone who is extremely knowledgeable about the specific area you are seeking is critical in today’s fast pace market where many transactions happen before hitting the market.  For buyers, working with someone who understands and is connected with other agents in this area is critical to making a smart investment and finding the perfect home for you.  Also for sellers, it is critical to price your home right and position it correctly in the market with the necessary premarket prep and guidance, and working with someone who intimately knows the Chastain Park area will help guide you in making these important decisions.”

When you’re trying to sell a client on why Chastain Park is the best, what do you tell them?

“Chastain is so desirable for many reasons- the market is HOT at all price points from a fixer upper ranch to a multi million dollar new construction estate.  It is convenient to downtown, Midtown, Buckhead, the Perimeter, etc- the central location is unparalleled and the amenities are unmatched!  You can be at a hot restaurant in Buckhead in 5 minutes, or you can be amongst the quiet treed winding neighborhood streets and forget you are in the city (evident by abundant local wildlife like deer, foxes, and the occasional free range chicken).   Concerts in your backyard at the amphitheater are a unique draw every summer, and both public and private schools in the area are top notch.  It was love at first sight when I moved to Chastain several years ago- I’ll never forget driving through on a Saturday morning in the fall with NYO baseball games going on, golfers on the course, and tennis matches being played- the neighborhood just had such a great energy and I knew it was home for me.”

Do you think your past experience has helped carve a niche in the real estate industry?

” My design experience and growing up with my family in residential development has equipped me substantially for a career in real estate.  My previous design career allowed for a lot of work with builders on building from the ground up as well as renovating, so I’ve definitely carved a niche there. I’ve found that people come to me specifically for those needs and I feel extremely passionate and confident about helping guide them in these type of transactions.”

For you, what are the most meaningful elements that can transform a space?

“First and foremost paint; definitely changing colors is the easiest way. Opening up space allowing an increase of natural light, taking off heavy window treatments and shutters.  Simplifying is also impactful, less is often more. Finding things you love, pairing them down and arranging them in specific ways can help lighten and brighten any home.”

What is one thing you’ve experienced that has changed your perspective on life?

“Being a mom for sure. The level of multi-tasking with three young kids really puts your priorities in order and is a daily gut check into what is important. You’re putting everything and everyone else first at home and in your career, and you have to remember to take care of yourself.  Also I know what it’s like to feel completely settled, have your rhythm down and then have to pack up and relocate to a new state halfway across the country with three kids in tow!  I can relate to a lot of my clients because I was once in their shoes having moved frequently and having built several homes on our own.  I’m a better mom, friend, and Realtor for the perspective I have on family and what it means to create “home”.

Home wouldn’t be home without….

“Following up on my previous answer it would definitely be family. We’ve never lived near extended family so my little family unit is super tight and it has been an unexpected blessing.  Home is wherever we are.”

How would you describe your personal design aesthetic?

I like livable luxury.  As a designer I was all about creating a high/low balance- anyone can spend a ton of money and create beauty, but I get such a thrill mixing something high end with a bargain find.  My home is comfortable and puts my family and guests at ease- nothing too formal.  I love a layered palette of neutrals and textures with pops of color, and I am obsessed with wallpaper. I’ll add a quirky element here and there to keep things light and fun.”

What is your favorite dinner spot in Atlanta?

“I lived in Texas for 13 years so hands down I love Superica!  They have something called Bob Armstrong dip that is to die for. It has everything you’d ever want in a queso and it’s heavenly.  That and a margarita make me feel like I’m feel back in Texas.

Something people probably don’t know about you?

“I am an endless encyclopedia of song lyrics.  I think there is a whole subconscious section of my brain that can recall every word to 1000s of songs from the 70’s and 80’s to 90’s rap, country, pop, you name it.  I’m fun at parties because I can put together a fabulous playlist!”


If you’re interested in working with Katie, visit her agent page here.