Keeping it REAL Estate: At the Farmers Cabin

Posted on November 26, 2019

Rachel Farmer has been in Atlanta for over 30 years, and daughter Nicole not far behind at 26. Both graduates of The University of Mississippi, they bring a unique Southern charm and charismatic passion to selling real estate.

If you wander the streets of Wildwood you might run into Rachel Farmer, the unofficial ‘Mayor’ of the neighborhood. A resident of Wildwood for almost thirty years, she has instilled her real estate business into her love of the community. Rachel can attest that it has helped her business immensely; and the fact she keeps in touch and treats everyone she meets the same. Born in Mississippi, she lived there until after she graduated from Ole Miss. Her brother was a catcher and Bryan (Rachel’s husband) was a pitcher.  They were suite-mates and that is how Rachel and Bryan were introduced! Bryan got drafted by the Braves after college and finished in ’89 with the Richmond Braves (AAA). Rachel started her career in real estate over nineteen years ago at Harry Norman, here she met Glennis. Rachel admired Glennis during her time at Harry Norman, so when Glennis left to start her own company it was a no brainer that she too would join.


Nicole was born and raised in Atlanta and went to three different schools growing up in the city. It might seem like she jumped around a lot, but she formed many friendships, met so many people and learned a lot about Atlanta during her school years. She went on to Ole Miss for college, following the footsteps of her Mom, Dad, cousins, aunt, uncles, and grandparents. She majored in Integrated Marketing and Communications which has since served her well in real estate. “Oxford is a little slice of heaven. Great people, so nice and such a fun college town where I had the best time of my life”, says Nicole. After college she decided to move back to Atlanta and within two days she enrolled in real estate school. Rachel’s accomplishments and success have taught Nicole many things, but the most important two are loyalty and confidentiality among clients.

With only fifteen percent of real estate agents under the age of thirty, Nicole teaming up with her mom was a definite benefit to them both. The technology awareness Nicole brings paired with Rachel’s knowledge and contacts of the business make them insurmountable.




What sets you apart from other real estate teams?

Nicole: “The years we both have combined in real estate and the personal relationships established between the two of us sets us apart. We’ve both lived in the same neighborhood for 29 years and can attest to being engaged in multi-generation families in Atlanta. Whether we used to live in the same community, went to school together or are family friends, we know people on all levels.”

How do you market yourself as a team?

Nicole: “We bring two generations to our business, and it has really impacted our success. Coming in and learning my moms traditional real estate customs has helped me learn the business from a viewpoint other people my age don’t get the opportunity to do. We do everything together from the listing appointment to closing, so our clients are getting not one agent, but two. Whether it’s a $150,000 condo or a $2 million dollar home, they get us both.”


Do you have a recent crazy real estate story?

Rachel: “Susan Cross and I just had a recent closing together where we only had a two week window to get the house closed. We had due diligence, but the buyer said we had to close on a certain date before mercury goes into retrograde. Apparently, you’re not supposed to sign anything or go into new contracts or you’ll regret it the minute you do. We got it done, and closed on time. This business is crazy sometimes and every deal has its quirkiness, but that’s why we love it!”

Do you have a favorite past transaction?

Rachel: “My old UPS driver, Clifford. I sold his mom and uncles house in East Point back in 2008. He has since retired from driving so I don’t see him everyday, but I keep up with him and meet him every year to give him a pecan pie. He recently won one million dollars in the lottery. He chose to renovate his church with the money which just speaks to his character and why he is so loved. To me, my favorite transactions are the ones that really appreciate what you’re doing to help them. They remember more of how you made them feel instead of what you did for them. Residential real estate is ALL personal.”

What sparked your idea for Beacham Gives Back?

Rachel: “I don’t think you’ll find one agent that works in Buckhead or Atlanta that won’t tell you we are blessed with a strong market. I felt we needed to give back to the community as a company and allow agents to pick who THEY want their money to go. So, as a company, we choose charities throughout the year and give our agents the option to add a donation amount to their closing sheet. I realized soon after working with Our House we should be giving to charities all year, not once a year. I am proud that Beacham was among the first to start this donation program.”

Why did you start making pies, and how many do you make?

Rachel: “It’s my mom’s recipe and when I first started it was around twenty pies, now it’s grown to over one hundred. It’s my way of touching base with people that I love, whether it’s past clients, my pharmacist, the mailman or co-workers. I love delivering them and every year people look forward to them! I have a client coming from Alabama soon to pick up a pie. It’s important to connect with people that take care of me year round.”


Growing up in Atlanta, what neighborhood do you think has changed the most?

Nicole: “The westside, definitely. Growing up so close to it, the amount of apartment complexes that have been built and new restaurants coming in, the change has been crazy! But I do think East Lake will be the next go to for buyers coming into Atlanta.”

What is your ideal weekend in Atlanta?

Nicole: “Friday night is Taqueria del Sol and Saturday’s with friends watching football or hanging out on the Beltline at the Inman Park Taproom. One of my new favorite restaurants in Forza Storico in Westside Provisions! And of course, Sundays…love holding an open house!”

Rachel: “I enjoy quiet weekends down here, at my cabin, especially in the Spring and Summer when our pool is open.”




What is your favorite restaurant?

Nicole: “The Varsity! My go to is an FO and a chili dog with fries or onion rings.”

Rachel: “Jalisco’s! Bryan grew up going there when it was one room and he loved it, and we both still do!”

Favorite Season in Atlanta?

Nicole: “Summer, because I love watching baseball and hanging out by the pool.”

Rachel: “Spring in Atlanta is so colorful, and also because it’s the start of spring training for baseball! I always go visit my son Kyle, who currently plays for the Cincinnati Reds; it really kicks off the whole Spring/Summer season for me.”

Can you tell us a little about the history of this cabin?

Nicole: “My grandfather bought these 250 acres of land when my dad was in college. It was solely intended for a man cave and getaway for them both. My dad and grandfather had an incredible bond and they both enjoyed having a place to hang out, which my dad and brother both do now. My dad always had a dream to build a cabin on this land right in front of this giant oak tree, so that’s what he did. My grandfather also built a house with a tin roof, so there’s plenty of room for everyone to stay when the whole family is here. This little piece of land has been the circle of life for our family and it’s just a great multi-generation compound. I can’t wait to bring my kids here!”


To work with Rachel and Nicole, visit their agent pages on our website, here.