On Trend: Lucite Furniture

Posted on May 17, 2019

Are We Clear?

Everyone is gushing over clear furniture, but why? Well, it’s extremely versatile, delivers a fresh and airy feel all while elevating the space with little effort. Clear furniture standing alone is ultra modern, but you don’t necessarily have to have a modern space to pull it off. Adding a lucite side table next to a patterned chair or a lucite coffee table over a bold rug will add a simple whimsical accent without taking away from the statement piece. The best way to accomplish a lighter look or opening up a small space is to add a clear piece, or two. Moderation is key with this trend!

This lucite coffee table allows the colorful statement rug to draw all of the attention in the room. Photo Courtesy of: sKout

These high bar chairs give the class farmhouse space an unexpected edge whilst seamlessly blending with the rustic beams and shiplap. Photo Courtesy of: Beacham and Company


This clear dining table lets the statement chairs do all of the talking! Photo Courtesy of: Khandzoo Home Decor

A simple piece of furniture balances and inspires this small space with different textures stacked around it. Photo Courtesy of: The Citizenry

Lucite chairs can really open up and create a clear and airy vibe to a smaller space and make it appear bigger than it is. Photo Courtesy of: Beacham and Company


Cover photo courtesy of Dustin Halleck