Timeless or Trend: Will these design trends last?

Posted on July 16, 2018

New design trends are constantly emerging whether you see it on social media, a home interior magazine, in stores or on HGTV, designs are constantly changing. It’s easy to spot trends, but which of those trends will stand the test of time, and which will fade out? Creating a home that is authentic to yourself is important. What makes you happy? Relaxed? Comfortable? Coming home to a space that will bring you peace is key. Below are some current highlighted trends.


//Painted Brick//

Painting brick white is an increasingly popular trend. Brick walls are naturally charming but if you’re wanting a warmer look, just paint the brick! It’s a combination of industrial chic paired with a Southern cottage vibe. Contrasting is big when painting things white, if the walls and fireplace are white adding heavy colors help to contrast the room. Hanging bold statement pieces on the white walls adds an extra ‘pop’



If you’re looking for a less formal way of adding interest to a wall or space, putting up shiplap might be the answer. You can use shiplap in just about every single room. It creates a clean texture in an unfussy way that works with just about any type/style of home. You can use shiplap on the walls or take it all the way up to the ceilings. Regardless of the space, people will know you put a lot of time and effort into creating an amazing space!


//Subway Tile//

Subway tile can be installed in all different sizes and angles in the kitchen, bathroom or even the butler’s pantry. The sleek design has home buyers everywhere gushing. Because this style is timeless, it won’t look dated in years to come. The affordability compared to other materials like stone or glass is fantastic for cheaper renovations, plus there are so many design options in the way you place them.


//Statement Lighting Fixtures//

With thousands of options, hundreds of stores nearby and a wide range of prices…choosing lighting fixtures can be daunting. A lighting fixture can make or break a room so you want to make sure you choose the right one! Lighting can change the mood of a room and the placement is extremely important so it coordinates well with the room size, furniture selection and already available natural light. When all of these elements come together perfectly it creates a seamless combination of functionality and style.



//Oriental Rugs//

A good rug can elevate and pull together any room. Rugs easily add warmth to a space you want to liven up so they don’t become a dead space. Adding a rug to a long narrow space creates a visual pathway that draws eyes to any connecting rooms. Oriental rugs have a rich history and names like Oushak, Kazak, Bokhara come from the villages and regions where they originated. Rugs are a work of art themselves and a great decorative element for any space!




//Statement Wallpaper//

Wallpaper use to be in every household across the country, but homeowners became tired of the patterns and the taxing removal process. Wallpaper is BACK with more patterns than ever before and the option to buy self-adhesive wallpaper. Self-adhesive is popular amongst renters looking to personalize their temporary space and indecisive decorators everywhere looking to try something new. If you’re wanting to make a statement, wallpaper is the answer!