Every day is Mother’s Day at Beacham & Company

Posted on May 11, 2017

PHOTO CAPTION: The mothers and daughters of Beacham & Company, from left, (front row) Kristen Sodemann (mom Ruth Skogstad not pictured), Georgia Hart, Jan Hart, Glennis Beacham, Blayne Beacham Macauley, Elise Lowe Baumann, Janey Lowe, Nicole Farmer, Rachel Farmer, (middle row) Shelley Sloan, Lynn Sloan, Charlotte Perry, Douglas Perry, (top row) Gail McCown, Claire McCown, Melissa Morris, Becky Morris, Lauren Oshnock Zgutowicz, Sue Oshnock.

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend but really it’s Mother’s Day every day at Beacham & Company, REALTORS. That’s because more than 20% of the firm’s agents are mothers and daughters who work together.

Now in its eleventh year, Beacham has always had a strong mother-daughter influence. Many attribute the fact that owner and founder Glennis Beacham started the company with her daughter, Blayne Macauley, so the welcoming platform for mother-daughters was established from the very beginning.

Some of Beacham’s mother-daughter teams have been with the firm nearly as long as the firm has been open (Janey Lowe and Elise Baumann) while others are very new additions (Gail and Claire McCown, whose sister works in Beacham’s marketing department). In all, there are 20 mothers and daughters who work together at Beacham.

Somewhat suprisingly, Beacham moms and daughters have a wide variety of reasons why they enjoy working with each other. Jan Hart, who works with daughter Georgia Hart, echoed the sentiments of many Beacham mothers when saying the trust component was very important. She also said, “I know I can her at 11pm at night and say, ‘help,’ I have an emergency.”

Ms. Beacham said of working with her daughter Blayne: “If a parent really loves their child they can’t get enough time with them. As they grow older, it becomes harder and harder to have time with them so this is a great way for us to get to spend more time together.”

Rachel Farmer said working with her daughter Nicole, a recent graduate of Ole Miss, “provides me with renewed energy. Plus she is teaching me the Millennial way of life. It’s rewarding to be her mentor.”

Kristen Sodemann, daughter of Ruth Skogstad, said, “Nobody can make me laugh like my mom and help me put life into perspective. Whenever I’m around her, I’m a more positive and productive person. She makes work fun for me.”

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Beacham & Company, REALTORS is Atlanta’s top-selling luxury real estate office. The firm was founded in 2006 by Glennis Beacham, one of Atlanta’s most celebrated real estate agents. The firm has 100 agents who average $7 million in sales per agent.