A free-standing house in Morningside

Atlanta’s Morningside Neighborhood Explored

Posted on September 9, 2014

With its prime location, stately homes and numerous shaded parks, Atlanta’s Morningside neighborhood is a definite standout. Since its development in the early 1930s, Morningside has boasted a strong sense of community. That was never more evident than during the 1960s, when the city of Atlanta attempted to raze significant parts of the neighborhood to build Interstate 485. Residents banded together in protest, and the city ultimately dropped its plans. That’s not just good news for those who already lived there; it’s terrific news for anyone who wants to find a lovely home in a quiet, secluded – yet centrally located – Atlanta neighborhood.

Peaceful living in the heart of Midtown

Barely over a century ago, the area where Morningside is now located was considered to be on the outskirts of the city of Atlanta. In fact, it wasn’t even officially annexed by the city until 1925. For many years, residents mostly commuted into the heart of the city via a popular steam train line. The automobile changed all of that, of course, and Morningside was able to adapt right along with the new form of transportation. The actual neighborhood wasn’t planned or developed until the early 1930s, so it boasts a compelling blend of modern convenience and natural aesthetics.

Parks, farmer’s markets and more

Morningside is often associated with the neighboring community of Lenox Park. Today, both neighborhoods are considered to be among the most upscale places to live in the city of Atlanta. Several small, well-maintained parks dot the landscape, but Morningside Nature Preserve, which sprawls out across more than 30 acres in the heart of the neighborhood, is the true gem of the community. The popular local farmer’s market is the only one in the city that strictly offers certified organic produce, so it attracts people from several other neighborhoods as well.

Beautiful, modern homes in Midtown Atlanta

Like other nearby neighborhoods, including Ansley Park to the west and Virginia-Highland to the south, Morningside is renowned for its peaceful, park-like ambiance, which is all the more notable when you consider that it’s located near the heart of one of the largest cities in the country. Because development didn’t begin until the 1930s, homes here tend to feature modern designs, with ranches, cottages and bungalows interspersed with eclectic architectural styles ranging from Tudor to Georgian. At the time it was developed, Morningside was touted as a “new type of suburb,” and it continues to distinguish itself as a true urban oasis.

Photo: 1328 Greenland Drive NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30306