Beacham & Company’s Award Breakfast Hosted by Campbell & Brannon

Last Thursday morning, Beacham & Company met at Cherokee Town and Country Club to eat breakfast, celebrate the past year of success, and recognize the achievements of some of their agents. The morning began with an eloquent prayer said by Robert Orr.

robert prayerr

Here’s a photograph of Robert, Dac, and Glennis.

After the prayer, the agents grabbed their plates and enjoyed a lovely breakfast buffet with all of the breakfast fixings including eggs, bacon, grits, and some French toast that was out of this world. The event was sponsored by Campbell and Brannon. As usual, they did a phenomenal job.


Dac and Roger Tutterow

After an impressive introduction by Dac Carver, the firm welcomed speaker, Dr. Roger Tutterow, a Professor of Economics at  Mercer University. Professor Tutterow  is well-known for consulting countless corporate clients on economic, financial and statistical issues. Beacham & Company agents listened intently as the Professor discussed the past, present and future of the Atlanta real estate market. The charming speaker offered useful advice to his audience and saw nothing less than a bright future full of success ahead. To close his speech, he opened the floor and several agents were able to ask questions.


Next, Elizabeth headed up the awards part of the morning,  recognizing the firm’s top performers.


Robert Orr, #20 Overall Company-wide


Carol Avery #19 Overall Company-wide.


Gabby Gray #18 Overall Company-wide. Follow by Cindy Smith (not pictured) #17 Overall Company-wide.


Jo Ellen Bradley #10 Individual Agent, #16 Overall Company-wide.


Cia Cummings #9 Individual Agent, #15 Overall Company-wide.


Rachel Farmer #8 Individual Agent, #14 Overall Company-wide.


Susan Traynor #7 Individual Agent, #13 Company-wide.


Susan Cross #6 Individual Agent, #12 Overall Company-wide.


Ginger Scott #5 Individual Agent, #11 Overall Company-wide. Followed by Nan Haverty (not pictured) #2 Large Team, #10 Overall Company-wide.


Linda Williams #2 Individual Agent, #9 Overall Company-wide.


Jan Hart  #8 Agent Overall Company-wide.


Stewart Hammond #3 Individual Agent, #7 Overall Company-wide .


Jane Cross accepted an award on behalf of her and her husband, Joe, the other member of the Cross Team.                                                       #6 Agent Overall Company-wide.


Alec Williams #1 Agent Company-wide units sold (unassisted), #4 Individual Agent, #5 Overall Company-wide.


Ruth Skogstad and Kristen Sodemann, the members of the Skogstad-Sodemann Team. #4 Agent Overall Company-wide.


Troy Stowe #1 Individual Agent, #3 Agent Overall Company-wide.


 All of the members of Erin Yabroudy & Associates. #1 Large Team, #2 Overall Company-wide.                                                                         From left to right: Dac Carver, Wendy Leebern, Erin Yabroudy, Glennis Beacham, Ashley Czeschin, Donna Gardner, Kevin McGlynn


The top honor went to the Top Agnet Company-wide, Janey Lowe! Her team, which includes her daughter, Elise Baumann, and Margaret Harman accepted the award together.


Following the award ceremony, Janey said a few words. She had her peers in stitches as she reminisced, reflecting on her first few years in the business and discussing how much real estate had changed since she first became an agent.


Last but not least, Glennis Beacham addressed the audience. Her kind words brought several people to tears as she spoke with complete sincerity, thanking everyone in the room for playing a crucial role in the success of the firm.


Here’s a group picture of everyone at the breakfast! Congratulations to all!