Agent Spotlight: Cia Cummings

Cia Cummings

Beacham & Company sales associate Cia Cummings has lived in the Buckhead community for more than 14 years in several different neighborhoods including Collier Hills, Springlake, and Margaret Mitchell. Her personal perspective on each neighborhood has helped her become better at matching her buyers with the right community.

“When I initially meet with any new buyers, I want to help them develop a solid understanding of all aspects of the neighborhoods where they have an interest.”  

Her husband Larry is a native Atlantan and their three beautiful children attend Morris Brandon Elementary and Peachtree Road Methodist Preschool. Cia’s previous work experience in finance combined with her leadership positions at various Atlanta schools and her involvement with community organizations has allowed her to better service her client’s needs. Cia brings a fresh, enthusiastic approach to Beacham & Company and the Atlanta real estate market. Her first priority is to provide outstanding service throughout the home buying and selling process.

“My goal is to continue to grow my business at a rate that does not compromise the level of personal service that buyers and sellers deserve.” 

When did you get into real estate and why? 

The Atlanta housing market has fascinated me for many years.  Long before I became a real estate agent, I would spend hours examining housing trends trying to determine what made houses sell.  In 2011, I was finally in a position that I could pursue a career in real estate.  With all three of my children in school, two at Morris Brandon and one at Peachtree Road Methodist Preschool, I finally was able to devote the necessary time and attention required for a real estate career.

When we sold our home several years ago, I was extremely impressed with all that Beacham & Company had to offer.  As a result, Beacham was the first firm that I called to begin my career.  In my mind, the firm’s marketing platform is unparalleled.

During the last 18 months, I have had the opportunity to work with a clients with a variety of needs and preferences.   I believe it is important to maintain excellence in service regardless of the size of the home or budget.

What special services do you provide for your client? 

While there are many aspects of the sales process, there are several items that are important to me as an agent:

1)       Staging the home –The presentation of the home is critical in generating interest.  Many buyers have a difficult time “seeing through “clutter” to envision living in a home.  I work with sellers to identify items or furniture that could be rearranged or removed to maximize marketability.

2)      Maximum Visibility – Along with personal showings and market data, I also think it is important to have the home seen as much as possible.  Offering agent caravans and open houses are important marketing tools along with individualized brochures.  However, each home is unique so I try to think of creative ways to market a home.  For example, fellow Beacham agent Jan Hart and I have a beautiful home listed in Sandy Springs.  We have hosted a wine and cheese event as well as a brunch for agents and potential buyers. Selling homes isn’t a ‘one size fits all approach,’ so thinking outside of the box is often necessary to get a home sold.

3)      Participating in each showing – While many times this does not happen, I feel incredibly strongly/ big believer that the most important service that I can provide is being at showings. Personal interaction with a potential buyer and their agent while they are walking through the home not only allows for you to answer questions but it enables you to get real feedback and gauge the buyer’s level of interest.  Listening to what potential buyers have to say helps to determine the best way to continue to market a home.

What was your most memorable sale?

My most memorable sale concluded this spring after working with my clients for just more than one year.  When we originally sat down, they wanted “to see 10-12 homes and pick the best one.”   But with each home they saw, they discovered new considerations that became important to their decision.  We ended up looking at over 50 homes from Virginia Highlands to East Cobb to Buckhead before they finally found “the one.” They selected a home in Buckhead that was still in the process of being built allowing them to customize certain aspects of the home so it perfectly fit their needs.

When I initially meet with any new buyers, I want them to develop a solid understanding of all aspects of the neighborhood where they have interest.  But I also encourage buyers to see as many houses as possible during their search.  I find that clients are often surprised by what they decide are the critical attributes for the home they select versus what they thought to be important at the beginning of their search.   

What are your goals for the fall market?

I am very excited about the possibilities for this fall.   The combination of historically low interest rates and ‘under contract’ and ‘sold’ signs popping up all over Atlanta should make for great market this fall.  My goal is to continue to grow my business at a rate that does not compromise the level of personal service that buyers and sellers deserve.

What sets Beacham & Company apart from other Atlanta real estate firms? 

As mentioned above, I joined Beacham for their marketing platform.  A majority of the hours I spent researching homes was on the Beacham website.  I found it to be the easiest to navigate when conducting a broad or an individualized search.  These days, I often access the site from my iPhone for up-to-date information and photos.  Beacham also has two incredible, full time photographers, a marketing department dedicated to helping agents market client homes, and a variety of resources that assist agents in the best service possible.

For more information about Cia Cummings and her listings, check out her Beacham profile page.